Hi guys,

Thank you for reading my blog.

The views and opinions you find in these pages are all mine (Ester Piubeni) and are all genuine. I write this blog for fun, to entertain both myself and my readers, but also to share information I find useful. I don’t wish to offend anybody by what I write. I understand some products I mention may not be good for you, your skin or body or that you might not agree with me. That’s fine, we can have different opinions and still respect each other.

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I will use affiliate links sometimes, as most bloggers do. That means this blog uses cookies. It also means that you will buy an item at the same price you would buy it if you’ve found it yourself, but the retailer will share a small commission to thank me for sharing their product.

I value my readers and my trustworthiness more than anything else. I won’t share opinions that don’t belong to me or promote a product that I find useless. I just want to share a little bit of my life with you and hopefully make you smile.