Dear world,

After living in London for a while, I slowly started to see Kent and Essex just as two extensions of the city, two big outskirts where people who can’t afford to buy a house in London go and live when they wish to start a family. Well, it turns out it’s just a Londoner’s prejudice, as I found out when I recently went to Kent earlier this month.

It almost happened by chance. I wanted to get away for the weekend and I wanted to go somewhere either by a national park or by the coast. Living in a big city is amazing, but sometimes I do miss some refreshing long walks in the countryside. So I went on Airbnb, looked up cottages available for the long weekend around England and randomly chose one by the coast. The place looked good, it wasn’t too far from London, Google maps assured me I could get there fairly easily by train so I made the booking. At the beginning I actually considered renting a car and going for a road trip, but that would have not been as relaxing and it didn’t make sense to rent a car to stay in the same place for three days.

Long story short, less than a week later I was on a train with L, heading out of town with a luggage full of comfortable jumpers and my pencils. I loved how after only 20 minutes on the train, we could already see lovely cottages and green fields from the window. It was so relaxing I fell asleep at the rhythm of the music in my earphones. And two hours later, we arrived in this little town called Birchington-on-sea.

Considering I did no research at all on the town we were staying in, I got extremely lucky. The village was small but full of nice little shops and restaurants and the cottage was only a few minutes walk from an impressive coastal walk that went past some huge white cliffs and connected a series of inlets dotted with colourful beach huts. There were not too many tourists around, mainly families on holidays, groups of teenagers and elderly people enjoying their retirement by the coast. However, judging by the number of beach huts and parking spots, the place must get a lot busier during the summer.

While I was there, I also managed to take some time to finish a few drawings, I’ll insert a few photos of those ones as well.

When I face the waves that crash against the seashore, I allow myself to forget about how I am, where I come from, where I’m headed, the problems I have in my life and the goals I’ve achieved. I’m just a breathing soul in front of a sea that keeps breaking at my feet, releasing salt into the air. No matter how old I am, where I am or who I am with, every time I face the ocean I find that same peace in my head. That is the peace that makes me want to sit down and draw, and make trees grow.

I’ll keep this article short and let the photos speak for themselves. I loved the place, the scenery reminded me of the coastal walks in Australia (the only difference being the cold weather and the colour of the water). I hope I’ll soon be able to enjoy another relaxing weekend, maybe somewhere a bit more warm than England.

A hug


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