Dear all,

How are you? I’m here in London, enjoying the first rays of sun of the season. I’ve realized I’ve not written a monthly update for quite some time so here I am, spreading some news. This month we had two friends staying over at our place, bringing us positive Italian vibes, and lots of laughs. I am so grateful for all the friends who stayed on our couch, for all the talking before going to sleep, the walks around the city and the coffees and lunches and glasses of Baileys and the fights over Monopoli Deal matches.

My parents decided to come and explore the city during the Easter break as well, they are slowly learning their way around London and I always get the feeling they love it even more than I do. We almost managed to eat a full Sunday roast at a local pub, following the English tradition, jumped on quite a few double decker buses and even did some shopping. I love how whenever I don’t go back home for some time, they find the time to come and make sure I’m ok.

Lately I’ve also done two things I’m very proud of. First of all, I’ve been running slightly more consitently than usual and I’ve improved my timing of quite a few seconds, which for most of you won’t mean much, but to me it represents a great progress. I started running one year and a half ago now and I’m finally starting to see a visible improvement and that makes me feel so happy. I love getting that feeling of achievement after a good run, it makes life more bearable, it makes me feel like I can do better and be less lazy in other fields as well.

Aside from running, I’ve been going back to my tree-drawings. I’m not that good at drawing at all, but I think I have some kind of a weird talent for drawing trees that don’t exist in the real world. I believe it all started in primary school, when my best friend A taught me how to draw a tree. Since then, I’ve been drawing trees on walls, like h u g e trees that covered whole bedroom walls. Then, after uni, I stopped. Until last Saturday, when I grabbed a piece of paper, a pencil and started drawing again. As with running, I want to start doing this properly and I think it will motivate me even more if I start publishing my updates here and on Instagram. Be ready to see some trees soon! I am well aware that my first attempts won’t be good enough, but if practice makes perfect, I should improve slowly. This time, I want to be resilient enough to take these drawings to the next level.

Sorry, I’ve just noticed that the green in the picture is way more eclectic than in real life, I’ll need to learn how to take better pics as well. A part from that, I’ve been working hard, watched a few new Netflix series and met new friends, which never hurts. Also bought a fabulous new hoodie at Primark that I did not need. Now I’ll do my best to keep drawing, keep you posted on it and enjoy the long weekends ahead.

Wish you all a wonderful week!



  1. Ciao Stellina,
    era davvero tanto che non ti leggevo (più per mia negligenza che per tua assenza). Ma stasera ti ho proprio pensata e mi ha fatto davvero piacere leggere questi aggiornamenti.
    Ho sempre amato i tuoi alberi, ma questo già lo sai..
    Scusa se commento in italiano, ma il mio inglese è così arrugginito che rischierei di scrivere qualche oscenità, e preferirei evitare 😅
    A presto sorellina

    Liked by 1 person

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