Dear blog,

This is the third post I start writing, let’s see if I manage to publish it. I’m experiencing a sort of blogger’s block, these days it feels like words are stuck in my head and won’t come out on paper. I tried to write a post about happiness, got stuck in the middle, started a second one about a painter I love. But then I remembered the words that one of my Indian friends used to describe my blog, he said it was a sweet little travel blog, and I thought I liked that description so I decided to write about our latest trip. I’ll keep typing and let’s see how we go this time.

Two weeks ago L decided to organise this surprise weekend in the English countryside. He found a very nice hotel, booked the train tickets and told me to save the date. It was a very sweet surprise indeed, I love to get away from the city for a couple of days and have some time to rewind, chill out, breath in some fresh air. I find these weekends away can be more relaxing than an actual holiday, sometimes.

That’s how I ended up at the train station on Saturday morning, not knowing where I was going (as L would only tell me the name of the next stop we had to change at). Two hours and a few emails later, we set foot in the lovely town of Bearsted, where we walked by some very well kept cottages and a few parks to reach our final destination: the Tudor Park Marriott Hotel & Country Club. It felt almost unreal to be surrounded by all that green, flourishing nature, the blooming flowers and the clean air. It made me realise once again how used I am to the city and the concrete and how good it feels to travel away from it. It only took us less than two hours by train to find real nature and people who say hi when you walk past them – I’d forgotten these good manners!


The Tudor Park Hotel is located just outside Bearsted and at a first glance, it looks like a huge villa. The staff was very helpful and extremely polite, as you expect from a Marriott hotel. Our room was spacious, I loved the fragrances of the shower gel, shampoo and conditioner and I loved even more that there was a Nespresso coffee machine in the room. It’s not the best coffee machine you can get, but it’s way better than the instant coffee powder you normally find in hotel rooms.

The hotel comprises a huge golf club, which looked quite sleepy on Saturday as no one was playing. That gave us a chance to stroll around the greens, spot a few rabbits and squirrels, breath in some clean air and get lost in the countryside.

The best part though would be the breakfast with a view on the golf club and the spa. In the spa, there’s a swimming pool, a large sauna (I love sauna) and a steam room. It is almost always open, which means you can properly relax before going to bed. The pool design is quite cool, it’s not your standard swimming pool and that in itself was relaxing for my brain, who loves bespoke interior designs. As for the breakfast, there was a vast choice of anything you may want to eat and my scrambled eggs were really well cooked almost as good as I cook them.


We didn’t have a car so we did not go far, but we walked far enough to find a very sweet English gastropub in Bearsted town centre. To be fair, there are only two pubs there and they are both supposed to be quite good (at least, that’s what we were told by the locals). The one we went to is called The oak on the Green and serves high-quality food displayed to Masterchef standards. I loved the wooden chairs and tables, the candles on top of wine bottles, the selection of gin and the flowers hanging on the ceiling. The place was very familiar and cosy, still, you could see that every detail was carefully taken care of.

We also had a drink at the hotel’s pub, which again overlooks the golf fields. The atmosphere was not as traditional and cosy as in the local pub, but the staff was again very friendly and the Pimms were spot on, I really can’t complain! They also have leather couches and well, that smell of leather, while you have a drink, is not bad at all!


All around Bearsted and through Bearsted itself there’s so much grass, trees, green spaces that it is extremely easy to get lost while walking around, going from one field to the next, opening and closing the little wooden gates to make sure animals don’t escape. There’s even a fishing lake and a huge park called M Park not too far away.

Now we are back to London, working hard and enjoying the random days of spring we get in between the rainy days. As you can see, my work is getting the most of me so I’ll probably keep posting every two weeks now.

I wish you all a very nice day and hope to see you back soon!


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