Dear world,

One of the reasons I’ve been so tired and disheartened lately was related to the changes happening at my workplace. The startup I work for went through a sale process and I didn’t know what that really meant or implied until it happened to us. Now that it’s finally out there, I feel safe writing a post about it, especially about what that meant for me personally and the positive and negative aspects of the whole process.

I don’t want to write about the details of the sales process or the parties involved, I just want to write about how that affected me, my life and my personal happiness. How selfish of me, hehe! After all, this is just my very public diary and to me, it’s all about emotions and feelings. It’s my journey through life and it now happens that the startup I work for has just changed owner.

It is scientifically proven that we all like lists so I’ll use three, in this case. In this post I want to understand what were the positive and negative impacts of the events that occurred in the past couple of months. I’m not yet sure if this process has been more positive or negative, so let’s find out:


  • The most negative side of all is that in the process, I’ve lost colleagues I really loved working with. I had the pleasure to work with some amazing, very talented, unique people and I was lucky we grew into a close-knit team. Even in the bad days, we managed to laugh together and it felt we were just a bunch of friends trying to make things work. Now that some of them are gone, I’m quite sad! As much as we always say we’ll stay in touch, we all know the hard truth, that is we’ll actually manage to keep in contact with very few of them.
  • People react to circumstances in different ways. When uncertainty creeps in, you start seeing sides of people you were not expecting to find out about. The feeling of uncertainty itself is quite difficult to tackle. The unsaid and untold suddenly takes on a different weight and tensions escalate quickly.


  • We will most probably move to another office. Considering that we’ve moved 4 times since I joined the company, it’s no big deal. My commute won’t be strongly affected anyway so that’s fine.
  • There were lots of meetings, but I like them. I may be the only person who actually enjoys meetings, I normally find them challenging and just a very nice break from the usual workload. In the books I’m reading, authors describe meetings as a dreadful, painful task, I don’t understand why.
  • Now that the new owner is investing in the company, I have the chance to help and grow the team again. This basically means going through interviews, which is something I don’t mind. Some interviews are cool, some are not, it’s not a bad process to be involved in.


  • I travelled to a city out of London with my colleagues and we spent a night out together, it was so much fun! We had dinner, lots of drinks, we danced and we even stayed at a fancy hotel – a Hilton, nonetheless! I had a huge room all to myself and a bathroom full of soft, warm towels, what a dream!
  • We met the employers that currently work for the new buyer, who will work with us now. They are very nice and so far we get along quite well, I’m always happy to meet new people.
  • Losing colleagues means that there are new positions ready to be filled and that shall give me the space to step up. It’s a big opportunity for me and I do hope everything will be to grow, fingers crossed!
  • We are going to India! Next week! The new owner has a team in India so we’ll fly there to meet them! I’m so thrilled and scared at the same time, it’s going to be a wonderful adventure! My mind is currently busy thinking about spicy food, tea plantations, learning a few words like hi and thank you in the local language, seeing streets full of people and heavy traffic jams, that’s all so exciting!

So hey, that’s not so bad after all! I’ve found more positives than negatives and there’s the huge bonus of flying to a new country – even though my mum is actually more scared than thrilled, hehe! I’ll try to find the time to write while over there but I honestly doubt I’ll be able to do so. Don’t worry, I’ll resume weekly posts as soon as I get back to a routine.

I think I am now becoming an adult that actually prefers articles aligned on the left-hand side, I don’t really know why. It could be because I’m reading new books about behavioural economics and psychology that are aligned on the left and I want my blog to look as serious as those books. Who knows. Anyway, see you soon!



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