Dear world,

This past month has been quite rough here, there are lots of changes in the air for me and I hope I’ll be finally able to disclose more about that next week. For now, I’ll entertain you (and myself) with my last review of the Lookfantastic Beauty Box as I’ve now received all the 12 boxes for the yearly subscription L got me for Christmas last year. I remember when he signed me up, I was not sure whether to choose the 6-month or the 12-month option, but now that I have enjoyed the product for a while, I have a clearer view in mind.

Let’s start from the beginning: what is this Lookfantastic Beauty box?

It is a box that arrives at your doormat once a month. In the box, you’ll find six beauty products and a copy of Elle’s magazine. Lookfantastic is a brand that mainly sells skincare so in the box, you’ll normally find one make-up product and four to five skincare essentials such as creams, masks, cleansers, etc. The content of the box is a surprise, they normally reveal only one product on their Instagram page to keep customers engaged. When you order your beauty box, you can choose to buy one, 3, 6 or 12 boxes for a price that varies from £13 to £15 per box (depending on the subscription length). Lookfantastic claims that the content of each box is worth around £50.



What products do you normally find in a box?

The idea behind this service is that you’ll discover new brands or products that are chosen for you by a team of experts. The products are normally in a small size (bigger than a sample, smaller than the actual product) and are mainly skincare related. During the 12 months I received the box, I noticed that in each box you normally find a cleanser, a mask and a hand or body cream. The makeup product is usually a mascara, an eyeliner or a lip product. Oddly enough, I’ve never received an eye cream.

As a personal comment, I’d say that I was never able to try all the products in the box within the month. First of all, I received so many cleansers, serums and masks that it didn’t make sense to use five of them at a time. For this reason, I still have a box with all the products I haven’t opened yet. Also, products come in a good size so I was able to use them for more than one month (I’ve been using the Elemis cleanser for almost five now!), but not long enough to get bored.



What brands can you find in the box?

Lookfantastic tends to send you two products from the same brand over one year (I suppose that depends on the deals they sign with each company). The most recurring brands I found were Omorovicza, Filorga, Elemis, This Works, BalanceMe, Erno Laszlo, First Aid. I’ve never found a product from the same brand three times. The selection of skincare products varied from cleansers to masks, hand and body creams, hair products and shower gels. The quality of the products is generally rather good (though it depends on your skin type).

The brands I loved the most were Omorovicza, This Works, Rituals, GlamGlow, Elisabeth Hardie, BalanceMe and Vita Liberata. As you can see, most of these brands are actually well known and established in the skincare field. I was scared I would not find interesting brands but I have to say I was very happy with the selection of known VS unknown-but-still-very-good brands.



Would I buy it again?

Well, yes, but not for 12 months. I bought the yearly subscription because I thought that’s what I normally spend for my skincare across one year, but when I spend £150 at a shop like Boots I don’t get as many products as from this beauty box. In total, last year I received over 72 products, which means I paid an average of £2 per product and even when the size is not huge, that’s a tremendously good deal! Also, it takes me ages to finish a full-size product, I prefer the smaller sizes and that’s another reason why I found the beauty box perfect for me. I used each product for 3 months on average and most of them are under 100 ml, which means they could fly with me.

However, I don’t need that many products in a year, it’s too much for me. I reached a point where I did not want for another cleanser or hand cream to arrive as I already had plenty and was not looking forward to receiving yet another one. I also found myself wanting to buy other products that were not in the boxes, such as hair masks, eye creams and makeup in general. That’s why I’d buy it again but for 3 or 6 months, not more.



The best and worst products I received

There are a lot of products I liked a lot and not that many that I did not like. The products I liked the least were all make-up related: there was an eyeshadow that didn’t write properly, a highlighter that is too lightweight for me and a sparkling eyeshadow that just doesn’t work. I was also not a fan of the Elle copy as I personally found the magazine was full of advertisement rather than interesting articles.

On the other hand, I loved most of the masks I found in the boxes, including a bubble mask, a cream from Omorovicza that had a wonderful fragrance, a fake tan that makes me look like I live in L.A., a thick, voluminous mascara and a few bath bombs and bath oils with very relaxing aromas.


img_4200Overall, receiving a new box full of surprises each month was a treat and I can’t wait to slowly finish all the products I’ve not used yet! If you are looking to add some variety to your skincare closet or if you think it’s time to take good care of your skin, a beauty box is a perfect place to start with. They deliver to so many countries as well and I didn’t have any issues with Lookfantastic services in general.


Let me know if you have ever tried a beauty box subscription and what dare your thoughts about it!



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