Dear world,

I’ve made it, I’m finally writing my 2019 Resolutions post! These days I’m feeling like I could sleep all day, 24/7 without interruptions so finding the energy to wake up in the morning and write a blog post has been a challenge. However, thanks to the amazing power of the Nespresso machine we have in the office, I’m managing to stay awake and be productive. I’m not exactly number 1 fan on Nespresso machines, I generally prefer the De Longhi ones but it has been a lifesaver this month so I won’t complain.



Now I figured I’d tackle this year’s resolutions by doing something very mean to myself, that is, checking if I kept 2018 Resolutions, whether I did everything I wrote down on my resolution post or there’s something I missed. I’ll simply copy and paste what I wrote in my blog one year ago and comment on that. Let’s see how I managed:

Next year I just want to feel good. […] I looked around and I felt happy, fulfilled, relaxed, comfortable and I thought: that’s how I want my life to be. ✅

I can’t say I’ve been happy every single day of my 2018, that’s nearly impossible, but I did have some very very very good days. I went to a few really good events (aka weddings and nights out) and in general, I’d say I’ve seen my family quite often. We spent a lot of time with friends, who always have a great impact on happiness, and I will even say I felt pretty successful at work. I then ended my year at a spa, couldn’t ask for more! Overall, I’d say I achieved feeling good.



Do more yoga (and learn how to stand upright all the time), ❌

I am wondering what I meant when I wrote about standing upright, I suppose that was something related to finding the correct balance to hold each position for longer than ten seconds. Anyway, I didn’t do it. In January, I tried to do yoga in the morning and failed to do so consistently. In December I bought a yoga mat at Decathlon (it was hilarious, I tried the few mats on sale by actually doing some yoga in the yoga aisle). I tried to go to a class but found the floor quite dirty and the room smelly so I’ve now started to do yoga once a week in the evening with the renowned Adrienne. I love her, how could you possibly not?!

Eat healthy food (maybe also cook my lunchbox, but let’s not exaggerate), ✅

I was actually pretty good with this one. I think 2018 was the year when I had the least number of sugary drinks and fatty biscuits in general. I also did quite good in regards to lunch boxes and bringing healthy leftovers to work.

WRITE (for the pleasure of writing), ❌

I didn’t write that much outside this blog. I only wrote wedding invitations, letters, cards and that’s pretty much it. I think I wrote at least 80 cards this year, including birthday cards, Christmas cards, maid-of-honour cards, best man cards, thank you cards to anyone who helped put my wedding together and get-well-soon cards.

Do some fun videos, ✅

That started well, meaning I did some videos earlier on last year, but they were not funny, I did not enjoy the whole process of filming and editing so I took the wise decision to stop. Videos are not for me, I felt quite uncomfortable doing them and now I’m only filming for myself, making videos when my family is around so that I can watch them in 20 years and say: look, how happy and young we all looked! Overall, I’d say this was actually a successful resolution, meaning that I kept it for a good six or seven months and then took the difficult decision to stop, not because I was lazy but because it didn’t make sense to continue.



Enjoy wedding planning (= do not freak out), ✅

A successful one indeed. I somehow managed to plan the wedding more into details that I thought I would and I was very satisfied with the outcome. I did freak out, but that was only during the two or three weeks before the big day. Well, let’s say a month. Overall, I didn’t act Bridezilla for too long. Patting myself on the back.

Keep writing blog posts at least once a week, ✅

Yes, I did that. I wrote 45 posts in 2018 and I’m quite proud of myself. That’s of course not 52, but if you consider that I was away for three weeks to get married, I normally take two weeks off in January and at least another one during summer, 45 is not a bad number.


Hopefully, keep doing some kind of sports at least once a week (at least from now till next October). ❌

I did some kind of sports but not in a consistent way. I tried to go running once a week but I believe I ended up doing it more like twice a month. On the runner up to my wedding, I followed a 30-day challenge but that was mainly it. Now that we’ve joined the park run group, we are running more frequently though. I kind of kept this one but I could have done better.

To sum up, of 8 goals, I managed to achieve 5 – including the most important one, that is the very first one of the list. That’s a pretty good result for me! I now feel like I care less about some of those goals or I’m actually working on keeping them in 2019. It’s interesting how my perspective changes over the years, my lists get shorter and shorter and I try to focus more on less.



This year I’ve actually decided to concentrate on less defined goals because I feel like if I choose the wrong goal, it will be more difficult to let it go if I’ve set my mind to work on it specifically. I’d rather choose broader resolutions and work my way to achieve them as I go. I will only concentrate on keeping 2 goals next year, not because I’m scared of not achieving more, but because I could not find another goal that was worth jotting down. My goals for 2019 are……:



That’s it, simple, yet quite scary and not easy, that’s for sure. Choosing to be happy when I’m utterly angry or disappointed or just sad is not easy. It’s difficult to do something that scares me, I have to step out of my comfort zone, deal with the unknown and unpredictable and I don’t particularly like that. However, I may enjoy it and discover sides of myself I’ve yet to appreciate or simply become a better version of who I am today. I challenge you to do the same.


What do you say? What are your resolutions for 2019?

I wish you all a wonderful weekend!

PS: We took the photos for this post in Hyde Park, in November. I totally forgot I had them and I know it’s not autumn anymore, but they were so nice I had to use them!


  1. Sul CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY posso solo concordare. È un proposito più che valido.
    Ma per quanto riguarda DO SOMETHING THAT SCARES ME non so.. è compreso tornare dalle tue sorelle?! ahahha

    Liked by 1 person

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