Dear world,

It’s now a tradition for bloggers to write a post about the past year, before writing another one with the resolutions for the new year. I’ll happily join the flock because well, 2018 has been a truly incredible year for me and because I have yet to figure out what my NY resolutions are for 2019. 2018 has been such an important year, full of magical events that I truly doubt there will be another year like this – although they say that life can be more marvellous than the best of novels, we shall see!

I want to write this post properly, going through  e v e r y t h i n g  I’ve done in 2018 so I’m now grabbing my yearly calendar. I’ll go through each month and I’ll choose the events that were so good I’d be happy to experience them all over again. I’m suddenly so grateful we have this calendar, by the way. Basically, since we’ve been together, L and I have been buying these A3 yearly calendars where there’s a tiny space for each day, big enough to write the events worth remembering. It’s not hard work at all and it’s quite nice to go through them every now and then. I don’t want to make this post too long so I’ll try and only pick one event per month. Here we go, fasten your seatbelts and get ready to travel in time with me:


The best memory of January 2018 would be the day I went with my sisters and my mom to choose our gowns as the maids of honour. It all started with a photo of six models wearing navy dresses that my mom saw in a brochure. She liked the colour of the dresses but also appreciated that even though each model was wearing a slightly different style, the overall effect was stunning. Since our body shapes are different, we decided to each choose a gown that would fit our silhouette, yet stick to the same shade of blue.


.We didn’t try many dresses on, but I remember the relaxed and chilled atmosphere, how we laughed and how happy we were just to be together. Everyone in the shop would stare at us and ask us questions as it’s not very common to see five sisters at a bridal shop nowadays. We felt gorgeous and the tailors there really looked after us. We wore these dresses both at my sister M’s wedding and at my own and I think that wearing a sort of “uniform” made us feel even stronger and closer on those occasions.


In February I discovered the existence of a very traditional yet super fancy pub here in Clapham. It’s called The Windmill and I have to thank our friends G and C for the discovery. They invited us to have a proper Sunday roast, in the true English tradition, at this place and I just fell in love with it. It’s very cosy and stylish at the same time, the atmosphere is relaxed and dogs are allowed in as well. I recall there was a huge Rottweiler strolling around the eating area in quite an elegant way – not disturbing the customers at all. The food was great (except the parsnip, I don’t like parsnip) and it is always lovely to spend a Sunday with our friends.



In March we saw London covered in snow, it was magical. My parents were here for the weekend together with my little brother A and my sister L. The weather was so cold, we spent most of our times in the double-decker buses and on their last day here, we had pizza at our apartment on the couch. My little brother loves staying at our place because that’s when he can rest and having a pizza – not going to a restaurant was a dream for him. We all sat in the living room, I ordered a pizza using Deliveroo and L went to the supermarket to buy drinks and sweet potato fries. It was the first proper meal I had with my parents at my place as in the past they would only stop for a coffee. My place suddenly felt so cosy and warm but still, having my parents as guests suddenly made me realise I am a grown-up.



00857 LUCA09903B
March in Palermo


In April our friend S from Germany spent a weekend with us. She was the only guest we had so far who was not interested in visiting London at all, she just wanted to spend time with us. For this reason, she was totally fine spending an afternoon watching Big Bang Theory episodes on our couch. That scene was remarkably familiar and yet surreal. We don’t hang out as much as we would like to these days, but every time she’s around I feel at ease. I’d say she’s like a bigger sister to me. By chilling out in our living room, she also managed to make us feel way more important than all the London sightseeing and I’ll never forget that.


Well, there’s no doubt here. In May there are 2 days I’d love to live all over again, a few dozen times: my sister M’s wedding and my friend R’s wedding. My sister’s wedding was very special, but also emotional. Seeing her in that white dress, smiling all day long was both a dream and a sudden realisation I was losing her a little. I mean, the sister I spent my childhood fighting with got married!! I’m still in shock (but in a good way). The wedding was awesome, I loved the location, the food and most of all the people: spending a whole day with my family and friends was quite some fun! When I was a child, I used to hate ceremonies but I recently found out I actually look forward to such events as an adult. Also, have I already mentioned that my sister and her husband looked insanely gorgeous?


.R’s wedding was a total surprise. I was a bit sceptic about it because we only knew the bride and the groom. However, it turned out to be a ball. The guests sitting at our table were all witty and interesting, they gave us some useful tips for our wedding and boy, the dance floor was on fire! We danced all night with all their friends, had a few drinks and also witnessed a wedding proposal within the wedding party! It was an unforgettable night.




June was the month when I bought my wedding shoes at Harrods. I chose them on a Friday and then went on that same evening with L to pick them up (he didn’t see them, I swear, they were in the classic LV box). We then had a coffee and sat down on the steps of a church nearby to just talking about life. For some reason, I still remember how peaceful and blissful I was, drinking my cappuccino on those steps. We were a happy couple who was about to get married and life was just smiling at us, it was a very special moment I’ll always remember.

IMG_8366 2.JPG

June in London


July was the month when we met L’s old friends at a wedding anniversary party in Italy. L’s university pals moved to different countries after graduation so it’s not that easy to meet them all in person. I loved that night because the event was very fancy but also because I saw a side of L I hadn’t seen before. He was more confident and at ease, he joked about all times and he was very relaxed (I guess the holidays’ spirit and the open bar helped as well).


An afternoon at home by the pool

In July we also had a special guest staying at our place, that is the one-year-old L with his parents. They stayed at our place for a week and what I loved the most was spending the evenings teaching little L how to crawl up and down the stairs. In our apartment, the stairs are covered in carpet, which makes them quite soft. By the end of the week, little L was perfectly capable of going up and down from the kitchen to the living room by himself. I’ve never found sitting on the stairs so enjoyable!


August was an intense month full of planning and decision making. Still, there are a few moments I’d love to live again which happened in August. One of them would be the night when L met my best friend and his girlfriend in Lake Garda. I was quite nervous about that night as I really wanted them to like each other. After all, they are two of the most important people in my life. Spoiler alert: it went very well. We had a few drinks, walked by the lake to the music of a few street artists, laughed and simply enjoyed life as it went by. I can’t wait to have another night like that one next August…


My Hen Party


I’ve no doubt when it comes to September. The day I’d love to live again would be the very first of that month. My little sister L was here and it was a sunny morning so we decided to go to Kew Gardens. We wandered around the park and through the greenhouses, had a picnic and slept under a tree, on the grass. We then headed back to Clapham to have dinner at Radio Alice with our friends M, L and R and my little sister L. The pizza at Radio Alice is simply the best you can find in London, it’s soft and the ingredients are first quality. It was one of those precious moments when I truly felt at home, peaceful and content. I was surrounded by family and friends, the food was good, the conversation was entertaining, you can’t ask for more in life!


Lavender fields forever


Mmm well, what should I choose? Our fabulous wedding? Our week at that splendid resort in Mauritius? Swimming in the ocean with my sister M and our husbands in Madagascar? I really don’t know guys… I’m kidding, I know: our wedding day, it was just a dream. I am still asking myself if it was actually real or if it was just the most wonderful wedding I could ever have. If I had to pinpoint one very special moment of the whole day, I’d say when L and I made our grand entrance at the reception, at the rhythm of Highway to Hell while our guests blew soap bubbles. At that moment, I felt like the queen of my little chaotic world. The 13th of October was definitely the best day of my life – so far.

ab483ad7-cb36-47cc-8edb-122edcbe1998 2.jpg

2018-10-20_11.46.18 - LUCA0003

2018-10-28_07.50.03 - LUCA4793

2018-10-17_12.59.40 - LUCA9090

I can’t wait to show you more pictures, by the way, I promise they’ll come in the new year.


November was the month of recovery, after a whole year of planning and three weeks of mayhem. It took a while (and a week of sickness) to fall back into reality, our routine and just daily life in London. The day I’d live again is one of the last days of the month and that’s when my cousin G helped me set up the Christmas tree. He arrived at our place, went straight to the computer to play Christmas songs on YouTube and helped me straighten each branch of the tree. We had a very unhealthy Iceland pizza for dinner, with cheese in the crust and finally put up the baubles and the lights. By the end of the night, there was a fabulous Christmas tree in the living room, which makes life way more bearable in winter.

November in London


The month is not over yet but so far my favourite day was my sister’s graduation and how surprised all my sisters looked when I opened the door of the restaurant. It doesn’t matter for how many years I’ve been living abroad, I’ll always miss a good dinner with my family and friends. Now I really can’t wait to meet the flock again in the new year!


.So this was 2018 in a post! It took me a while to write this article and to go through all the events, it was quite difficult to pick only one for each month – in fact, I cheated a few times, I hope you’ll forgive me. If I had the time and space, I’d write about another 50 events I’ll forever remember about 2018. Going through all the emotional, hilarious, joyful events of the year made me realise once again how lucky I am and how much my friends and family mean to me. Now I can’t wait to go through all the experiences that are waiting for me in 2019!

Let me end this post by congratulating you as you’ve managed to read my longest post so far but also by wishing you a wonderful, exciting, but most of all happy New Year! 

See you in 2019!

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