Dear world,

Let me interrupt this flow of wedding-related posts to give you an update on our daily life in the city. I promise, I’ll go back and talk about wedding and honeymoon more but let’s not forget there’s still life after marriage and in the past few weeks we took some pictures I’m dying to show you! 

Since we came back from the honeymoon, we’ve slowly returned to our usual daily life, made of cooking, cleaning and Netflix. I’m very slowly getting used to the tube again as well. Our colleagues were all waiting for us with a stash or workload to go through and our beloved friends made sure our house was upside down when we arrived back from the airport. Don’t get me wrong, we absolutely loved that intrusion. It’s part of the Italian culture: when you get married, your friends are supposed to go to your place and prepare some tricks for you to have a first good laugh with your better half. Finding balloons and toilet paper everywhere was such a relief for me as it made me feel like I’ve not lost my Italian heritage after all these years – on the contrary, I miss it even more.

A part from the messy house and a couple of weeks of cold and temperature, the journey from the warm African weather back to the cold and rainy London was quite smooth. To better adapt to the new season, I bought myself a pair of sheepskin loafers and the softest and elegant robe you can possibly imagine. I am currently living in the new robe, I take it off only before going to work or to bed. It was the best purchase ever, I don’t know how I was able to survive all these years without one! The best thing is that it’s not even that expensive. Mine is blue and I love it!

Talking about shopping, I myself took advantage of the Black Friday sales as well. I ordered a couple of jumpers from ASOS, let’s see if I got the right size and how they actually look. Believe it or not, it was the first time I shopped at ASOS so I’m a bit worried about quality and sizes. On the other side, I am aware that their return policy is pretty straightforward and easy to deal with.

I also bought L’s Christmas present for me, that is a sleeveless jumper from Lonsdale that I can use when we go running. Let’s say my stomach is very sensitive to the outside temperature and I always need to keep it warm. The past few times we went for a run, I ended up running back home to the bathroom and hopefully, that won’t happen again. I can’t wait to test the new jumper. The Lonsdale logo reminds me of my middle and high school years of hip hop classes and dancing and my very first cool jumper my mom bought me. It was a white, very soft, extra large Lonsdale jumper, such a lovely memory!

That was it really, I only bought these jumpers. I’ll see most of my friends after Christmas so I’ll buy the Christmas presents at Boxing sales this winter (I know, it sounds very cheesy and cheap but after all the wedding expenses, it won’t hurt this time). There’s a House if Fraser that will be closing down at the end of the month so I’ll probably go shopping there as well in December. There are a few Christmas beauty sets I have my eyes on, hopefully, I’ll be able to find them at a better deal later on this month.

To give you a proper update, I now have to write about sports. Since we came back, we’ve started to run the local park run on Saturday morning. It was our neighbours’ idea and we thought it was brilliant! We have now attended a few times and are getting used to waking up so early during the weekend to run our 5k with another 300/400 people (the event starts at 9 am). After the run, we normally catch up with our friends and then patiently wait for the park run email to arrive. Every week, they email us our results together with a few other stats that indicate how well we are doing and if we’ve made any progress. I’m impressed by how well it is organised!

I am also doing some research to find a good yoga gym in our suburb, my back could really use some help! I’ve done yoga in the past and I think it was on my 2018 NYE Resolution List. I still have one month left to get down on my downward facing dog!

On an even more personal note, I can’t wait to spend time with my friends and family again. We’ll be spending Christmas here at home, in London. This year I’ve decided to have the Christmas dinner delivered on 24th December. Let’s just say my last year attempt was so bad, I don’t want to spend half of my few days of holidays cooking something it’s not worth eating. We’ll then spend Boxing Day with friends (can’t wait!) and we will fly to Spain for NYE. We will meet my family there to finally spend a few days together. I can’t wait to see them all! This is the third Christmas we’ll spend apart and it’s not easy. We have such strong Christmas traditions, it’s difficult to break them.

The bag is a present from my mom and it’s from Liu Jo, the coat is from Kocca, the tweed dress from Zara and tights from Calzedonia.

This was my November update. What about you, how are you doing? Is it raining non-stop over there as well?

All the best

PS: If you wish to give me a Christmas present, please share the link to my blog with your friend, the one who enjoys reading books (but that also keeps an eye on fashion and beauty trends)! Thank you!

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