Dear world,

While we wait for the photographers to send us the photos from the big day, I’ll start writing about our honeymoon. We got married on a Saturday and on the following Monday we were at the airport, ready for our flight to Mauritius with Turkish Airlines. We spent one week in Mauritius in the Ravenala Attitude resort as our honeymoon and it was absolutely amazing. We then flew to Madagascar for a whole different journey, but I’ll tell you more in the posts to come.

First of all, we planned our honeymoon with the help of the travel agency Trail Finders. We asked for advice at a few travel agencies both in the UK and in Italy but we found that Trail Finders offered us the most exclusive, international resorts at a better deal. The choice of resorts they gave us was spot on, along with the detailed descriptions of everything that was and was not included in the honeymoon deals. As a first step before deciding the resort to go to, we (I) spent a weekend reading brochures and underlying the lists of water sports, restaurants and swimming pools that were included in each place. I also checked a few online reviews on Trust Pilot, Trip Advisor and others. We finally opted to spend a week at Ravenala, a resort on the northwest coast that is managed by the chain Attitude. We arranged a taxi to drive us from and to the airport and that was it, nothing else to worry about.

Once the wedding celebrations came to an end, we flew to Mauritius to enjoy our first week of the honeymoon. We spent eight blissful days there, where we only had to worry about what restaurant to dine at each night and which water sport to try during the day. By the end of the week, we’d forgot how to pour water by ourselves, but we knew the cocktail list by heart. We really had a good time and now I’ll tell you why:


Come on, look at the pictures, do I really need to explain myself here? The swimming pool area was just insanely gorgeous, just as the lounge area next to it. I do feel better when I’m surrounded by beautiful, curated design. It makes a huge difference to me, I feel more comfortable, at home (it must be in my genes, my father is a very talented architect, after all). This place was just heaven!


For once in our lives, we opted for the all inclusive deal, which meant we had access to a long list of water sports as well as land sports. Mauritius is an island in the middle of the ocean so the waves can be quite rough. However, the Ravenala resort is located in the inner corner of Turtle bay, which means the water is calmer and that makes it the perfect place to try new water sports for the first time. I’m not a very adventurous person, but in one week I tried kayak, stand-up paddle, pedal boat, snorkelling and……. water ski!!! Every activity was managed on a first come, first served basis, but since there weren’t many guests interested we almost never had to wait.


The restaurants included in our package were: the Mauritian restaurant Kot Nou, the Chinese restaurant Madame Ming, the Italian restaurant A Tavola, the buffet Mozaik, the grilled-based cuisine of Beach BBQ, the seafood restaurant O Beach and the steakhouse The Bistro. On top of that, there were three food stalls where we could find Asian street food, two bars that offered some amazing club sandwiches and other nibbles, the afternoon tea served next to the hall and a candlelight dinner on the beach for all honeymooners. 

We tried all the restaurants we had access to, with the of exception the Italian one. The service was impeccable in all locations, I almost never had to lift my hand to pour myself a glass of water. The menus provided a lot of options and we were happy with most cuisines. I personally didn’t like the dinner at Kot Nou, though I thoroughly enjoyed their cooking class. I also didn’t like the buffet-based dinner we had at Mozaik because the food was not over the top as in the other restaurants. On the other hand, I loved the dessert at Madame Ming (I ordered it twice!), the seafood at the O Beach was fresh, tasty and very well plated (as a matter of fact, that’s the only restaurant where we dined twice) and the meat we had at The Bistro was cooked impeccably.  We also loved our candlelight dinner on the beach, the fried veggies served by the street food stalls and the fresh crepes with Nutella for breakfast.


Not only was the staff kind and polite, but they also helped us beyond their standard duties and even prepares a few surprises for us. When we arrived at the resort, they offered us a restorative drink and some warm towels. We found a few gifts for us waiting in our room: a straw bag for me, a straw hat for Luca and a Mauritian pastry. While sunbathing, waiters would come and ask if everything was fine or if we wanted to order anything to drink. I had a problem with my iPhone charger and they were happy to help me. We were offered a head massage, a framed photo that we brought with us at home and, surprise surprise… On our last night we found petals on the bed, the towels rearranged into swans and a hot bath ready for us! We truly felt comfortable, taken care of and relaxed.

We had a very nice staying at the Ravenala resort and would recommend it to anyone who wants to relax, sunbathe, read a book, but also enjoys water sports. The resort also offered activities for children and special events inspired by Mauritian traditions and dances. For us, it was the first time we stayed in such a luxurious resort, it was definitely a (well deserved) special treat.

What about you, where would you go for your honeymoon? Do you have a dream destination you wish to explore? I’d love to hear your thoughts!



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