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Dear world,

I’M MARRIED! I still can’t believe it, it feels so good and unreal, but I’m married!!! This is my first post as a married woman, what a responsibility! I want to tell you everything about our wedding because modestly, I think it was a huge success, a fairy tale come true. I’ll dedicate the next blog posts about all the wedding details so get ready girls!

I’ll start by telling you all about the week before the big day, just to set the atmosphere on my blog and unveil the beauty secrets that worked for me. First of all, let’s start by saying it was an intense 7-day marathon that I didn’t run alone. If I learnt something from all the wedding planning, is that weddings are a shared effort and the more you share, the better the outcome. Starting from day 0, I asked people to step in and help, which made my guests feel more involved and relevant to our special day.

The first two helpers that will make an appearance in this post are our English friend L and my cousin G. On the Friday night before our flights to Italy, they both stopped by to help us packing and to wish us a safe journey. L joined us for dinner and I have to thank him for his patience: since we were already in panic mode, we very much improvised the main course and served five different options all not quite well cooked and during a time span of 30 minutes. He was a real friend and tried to calm us down. With his help, I also downloaded a long list of songs for my in-flight playlist for the following day (an incredibly good playlist indeed, I have to say).

My cousin G stopped by a bit later, somewhere between the end of the Friday and the first hours of the Saturday. He helped me pack my wedding dress and I’ll be forever grateful for that. I bought my gown here in London at David’s Bridal and the tailors gave me a bag that had the exact measurements of British Airways’ check-in luggage. I left the dress hanging from my tallest mirror for a week and packed it the night before, according to the tailors’ advice. I then wrapped everything into a plastic bag to make it even more waterproof and to avoid stains.

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We finished packing quite late so we only had a few hours of sleep. My alarm didn’t go off I had scheduled for weekdays only, I woke up an hour later than expected, my luggage was way heavier than it should have been (I was carrying all the favours and wedding decorations we bought in London) and I struggled to arrive at the tube station. I then decided that it was getting later and later so I booked an Uber. I’ll never be thankful enough to the kind driver that calmed me down during that half an hour trip to Heathrow.

The flight was quite short but the aeroplane was full so the overhead lockers looked quite packed. Thankfully, the flight assistants kindly left the bag with my wedding dress in the aircraft’s wardrobe to make sure it had space to breathe. I didn’t ask them to take the dress out of the bag because it was a very big dress and it would have been difficult to pack it again on the flight. The fabric of the dress was quite thick and it survived the flight beautifully. I was ready to have the dress ironed but it wasn’t necessary: I still believe that was my cousin G’s miracle touch!

2018-10-17_05.59.53 - LUCA8918

The bag was a present from the resort, swimsuit by La Perla and dress from NastyGal

Once in Italy, my sisters helped me right from day 1. On Saturday, my sister C helped me find the ink pads for our guest tree (more in the next posts) and as a thank you gift, we both had one ear pierced. On Sunday, all my sisters helped me build the wedding favours, which was a nice bonding experience (I hope they didn’t hate me too much). We then had a spritz to celebrate with some friends and a delightful pizza from a place called Da Paolo.

During the week before the wedding, I went to a Chinese mall with my friend V to find some bits and bobs for the selfie corner (which was a huge success, thank you V). I went to the dentist, the hairdresser (to have my hair died), to La Pieve Spa with my sister M (a godsend!), and I spent 2.5 hours at the beautician. She treated me with the best facial I’ve ever had, my skin looked shiny and at least 5 years younger. If you happen to be in Franciacorta, you have to go to Enrica in Monterotondo to try it yourself (I’m pretty sure she uses Histomer’s products). I loved how she booked me in for the whole afternoon and had the time to make me feel a princess. She took care of my nails and skin beautifully. Talking about skin, I also took care of it by not using make up the week before and by applying a few purifying and hydrating masks, including a wonderful Panda mask, the coolest present from my friend L (not in the pic because I’ve used it).


We had a bit of a panic attack because the sugar almonds arrived a few days later than expected our fault, we ordered them only two weeks in advance, but they did turn out at my doormat just in time for the meeting at the restaurant when I handed all the decorations to the staff. I left them a few boxes with post-it notes saying what was inside each box and where I wanted it to be displayed – a bit of a control freak, but it was very helpful as I found everything where it was supposed to be.

The week came to an end on Friday 12th, when we had a wonderful evening with most of the guests who travelled to be there on our big day. We organised a traditional happy hour, that is spritz with lots of nibbles, in my favourite bar in Iseo: Malerba. There were about 20 of us, including L’s nonna, the relatives from Chioggia, Rome and Turin, our friends from London and Germany and L’s French cousins. The weather was wonderful so we sat at a very long table almost in the middle of Iseo’s main square and even when we spoke different languages, we all felt truly Italian for one night.



On that same evening, my family unveiled the first surprise they had in store for me: they upgraded the car to drive to the church and arrived home with a duet! I was not expecting it at all!

These were the main events that happened during the week before Saturday 13th October. I truly enjoyed spending a whole week at home with my family and that spritz on Friday night was really heartwarming!

How was your week before the big day?

Hugs from London (though we took the pics for this post during our honeymoon, stay tuned for more..)

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