Dear world,

Welcome back to another weekly post! Time is really going fast these days, I feel like it was yesterday that I was writing about Mayfield Lavender Farm and here I am, typing again on my dear old laptop. Summer has ended quite abruptly and I still have to recover from the shock.

I’m starting to feel quite nervous because in one month time, I’ll be on my way to Italy and it will be Wedding Week in the blink of an eye. There’s not much left to do, now it’s all about the last touches and the last fittings – fingers crossed we still fit in the gown and suit… After that, it will be time to pack and fly! We will travel to Italy first, of course, then we will be flying to our honeymoon destination and from there we will fly directly back to London. I have to make a conscious effort to pack exactly what I need and nothing more for the whole three weeks we’ll be away. By the way, I’m not sure I’ll be able to write blog posts in that period so bare with me, I’ll make sure I won’t stay away from the blog for too long.



In order to get ready for the big day, I’ve started to work both on my skin and body recently to make sure I’ll look at my best (or at least I’ll know I’ve made the effort!). For my skin, I’m using several cleansing, soothing and hydrating masks such as my usual Caudalie masks, the famous black mask to clean pores and a few others. I’m also using some everyday fake tan products because I’m normally quite pale this time of the year and I really don’t want to look like a bride ghost next month! To keep my body hydrated, I’m also using a spray from Aveeno (now on sale!) that I bought this summer and a special cream for my décolleté that I’ve found in a recent Lookfantastic Beaty box.


My beauty squad

On the body side, I’m trying to keep fit by going for my weekly run with L and M. On top of that, I’ve started a 30 day challenge with my German-Indian-Aussie friend S. Working out with other people always makes me feel cherished, mainly because I hate doing it by myself and knowing I have friends who support me is invaluable. It makes working out more fun and enjoyable, which is a great plus. I’m now at day 12 on my abs-push up-squat challenge and I’m already feeling stronger, the muscles in my legs and abs ache in a good way: I’m almost ready for the Honeymoon! Here’s the program, in case you want to follow it and support me as well:

Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 18.31.20.png

It is quite hard but don’t forget it’s the only sports activity I’m currently doing since I’m way too busy to go to the gym. To be honest, I do plan to go back to the gym in November, when life will slowly go back to normal. I’d like to do some pilates or yoga classes, that would help me be stronger as well as calmer. However, in the meantime, I thought a 30-day challenge was exactly what I needed to get in shape faster.


Even though I’ve almost done everything that’s on the list, I’m still feeling a bit nervous. It’s like a tingling in my stomach and when I feel like it’s too much, I try and think I’m planning someone else’s wedding. I feel anxious about the idea of being there, at the centre of the attention, surrounded by a lot of people, even when I know all of them. I don’t want to disappoint my guests, yet it’s our wedding so our personality will shine through all the choices we are making. I would also like not to feel rushed and have the time to enjoy the week before the big day, surrounded by my family. I have this random fear of losing my luggage during the honeymoon.

I am conscious I am saying goodbye to the years of dating and teen romance, though I’m quite sure I won’t miss tears and broken hearts. Well, to be fair, that chapter of my life ended four years ago, when L and I moved in together. Now I really look forward to the days after the wedding, when we will have time to enjoy each other’s company without the biggest life event to plan.



So here I am, trying to plan as much as I can my next few weeks, looking for clip arts for the wedding booklet, updating our wedding website, thinking about the wedding favours to order and worrying about what I may have missed.

Wish me luck! And if you have useful wedding tips, please leave a comment below!



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