Dear world,

Summer is officially over in grey London and I’m back from the holidays with a light touch of tan and more energy to start dealing with the usual workload again. I’ll enjoy these last rays of sun with a special guest: my little sister, who’s staying with us for a little while. She’s definitely bringing some fresh air and a touch of Italian style to my house.

As for the holidays, I had an amazing time under the sun, catching up with as many friends as humanly possible, doing shopping and eating tasty Italian pizza with the family. With the help of L, we ticked off a couple of things-to-do on our wedding list as we spent hours building wedding favours, choosing our menu and discussing with the photographers. Now it’s all about the final touches and I’m feeling quite thrilled, I can’t wait!

The true highlight of the holidays though was the surprise hen party that my friends and sisters organised for me. Let me start by saying I had the best party I could possibly imagine and I’ll never stop saying I’m so grateful to have such wonderful friends and sisters. Now, to the fun part!




The party was totally unexpected. My best friend texted me a couple of days before my flight to Italy telling me that on the following Sunday afternoon we were going to the mountains and I believed her. I thought it was a nice way to finally meet her other half and, after sitting in an office for months, a walk in the fresh air was everything I needed.

On Sunday, after lunch, I grabbed a pair of trainers, threw on some sportswear and went to the parking lot in front of the church, waiting for A to pick me up. When I saw our family car approaching, I thought my sisters were going to the city centre that same afternoon. However, when they started to play the horn like crazy and laughing out loud, I suddenly knew that I wasn’t going to lay down in the grass that day.





They jumped out of the car and together with A, they blindfolded me and applied a spray to dye to my hair purple (telling me it was some sort of gel). They then helped me get changed into what I recognised was a swimsuit and then let me sit in the car. I knew where we were going as I made it very clear I wanted to go to Lake Garda for my hen party, but my sisters kept pretending we were going somewhere else and that was hilarious. When we were in the middle of the highway, they kept claiming there were cows everywhere and when they stopped to pay for the beach access, they told me the cashier got confused and didn’t mean to say beach, we were on the mountains.

When I was finally allowed to open my eyes, I was at a marvellous pebble beach facing Lake Garda, surrounded by green peaks and clear blue water. I’ve been to the lake before but never to that secret gem: for a moment I was in New Zealand with L and S, standing in front of magic lake Wanaka once more.




We sat by the water and spent the afternoon playing games while drinking prosecco. I loved the games and the challenges they had prepared for me. I had to pass a couple of tests, one was about L and the other was related to cooking and housekeeping. My favourite questions were:

In which order does L cut his nails? The answer was from the ring finger until the little finger and then the thumb at the end. I didn’t know the answer so I had to swim in the lake and drink another glass of prosecco…

– What’s the one ingredient that is present in “tortelli dei Gonzaga” but is missing from “cappellacci ferraresi”? I was given three options: cherries, amarettos and a third one I can’t remember. I thought that ravioli with amarettos must taste good and that was the correct answer! A lucky bet!

– What is L’s bedtime ritual? The answer was tricky because it included taking off the eyeglasses, but I nailed it!

As part of the challenges, I had to dance Despacito with a stranger (who was more embarrassed than I was), and take a selfie with a random group of guys, one of whom tried to hook up with the girls. After a few hours by the lake, we dined with M’s risotto, some pizza and a quiche. Finally, we decided to go to a club nearby, also by the lake.





We spent the first few hours relaxing in the lounge area, chatting about past relationships, future life plans and wedding arrangements. For a moment, we felt so close under the night sky, it was very special. We also had a few cocktails, then decided to venture towards the dance floor. My best friend convinced an actual dancer to dance for me, which was quite fun! Anyway, while we were dancing, I attempted – in quite a clumsy way – to jump on the stage, but somehow hit my leg against it and cut my skin. That’s how we ended up in the hospital, where a lovely doctor and two very patient nurses sew six stitches on my poor leg. We were home by 3 am, still laughing at what had happened during that unforgettable night.





So that’s it, this is what happened during my surprise hen party. I absolutely loved that day/night and if I could, I would love to live it all over again!

What about you, how was the best hen party you’ve been to?


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