Dear world,

How are you? It is quite hot in London these days and we are all trying to survive the heat, not fainting while on the tube or sleeping with our windows open. I’m trying to spend more time outdoors as well in the hope of getting slightly more tanned instead of using fake tans only. L and I have been out cycling around London (more to come about our adventures in the next posts) discovering hidden gems not too far from the city. We’ve also been to Italy once and we are about to go there again (yay!) later in the summer to organise a few details for the wedding as well as spend some time doing nothing at all, soaking the sun and enjoying time with our families.

With the weather being so hot, we all tend to feel a bit more tired. I have low blood pressure so I am in constant need of sleep, my dream would be to just snooze the alarm forever and relax, eyes closed, for two days in a row. That’s why I’m trying my best to cuddle myself, taking care of my skin and mental health 😂






Every once in a while I indulge in a proper bath. I fill the tub with warm water (it’s always quite tricky to get the perfect temperature, but I’m keen on perfecting this skill), light a candle and use some bath salts (or bath bombs, that’s even better!). I then lay down resting my head against the tub, close my eyes and breathe. Most times I don’t even bother putting on some music. I just lay there for half an hour or so, inhaling and exhaling the notes of the bath salt. When the water starts to get colder, I rinse the soap off and slowly return to the real world.

If I don’t have enough time to take a bath, then I use a Sanctuary Spa body wash which has a lovely consistency, it’s like a pink shiny gel and has a wonderful smell. It also leaves the skin soft and silky, a great plus during summer! By the way, if you need to buy a present, that’s a really nice gift.






During summer I don’t use body creams too often, just because they make my skin sweat.  I tend to use them only after I spend a whole day out under the sun. On the other hand, I’m using perfumes more often than in the wintertime and I’ve recently started to mix more fragrances together. Some time ago, I read an interview with a famous  Nose, a person who can identify a huge number of smells and whose job is to create perfumes for very big brands. He mentioned that we can all create our own fragrance by mixing perfumes we already have in the house, that’s why I started playing around with the samples and bottles I have here. You can try it yourself: just spray a couple of perfumes on your skin and you’ll start to smell your new creation. It is something that makes me feel special because even when the result is not that good, it’s still very unique.

Another little thing that makes me feel like a princess is having a selection of teas and herbal infusions to choose from every morning. I like to have an array of choices from niche brands to those you can find at the supermarket and treat myself to a different flavour each morning. It’s a way to remind myself that each day is unique even when there’s no special plan on the calendar and it’s something I’ve been doing since university. I truly never get tired of my little morning tea ritual. At the moment my favourite teas are a fennel infusion by Twinings, the dark chocolate tea by a London brand called Tea-Shirt and a mulled wine tea by Whittard, which is quite sweet and Christmassy.






I have to say it’s quite difficult not to feel like a mess now that it’s hot, you can’t breathe when you take the tube and there’s heavy aircon everywhere, but I’m doing my best and I count the days to my next holiday to Italy, where I’ll finally be able to spend some time at my parents’ swimming pool again. I am so incredibly lucky that they have such a marvellous place, I really don’t need to go to a fancy hotel when I can just go home and feel I’m in a dream – a dream with unicorn slippers!

What about you, how are you going through the heat wave and what is still making  you feel gorgeous every day?


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