Hello, my dearest friends,

Sometimes I wake up in the morning feeling extremely heavy. My eyelids won’t open, my head like a stone, my body inexistent. If this condition is really, really bad (which normally happens once every three or four months), I somehow snooze the alarm with my right hand and I stay there, in bed, floating between dreams and early thoughts, and I daydream about the future. How my future house will look like, which places I’ll visit, when I’ll see my family again. Those mornings are blissful. But I try not to allow myself that privilege too often because no dream will come true without the hard work.

I love staying in bed a bit longer than the usual, rest my eyelids and my mind, feeling cosy under the bedsheets and rolling my feet against my legs. But I do love even more to accomplish a goal. That’s why most mornings I wake up earlier than I should in order to write a blog post, plan ahead and review my progress. I’ve promised myself I’d take this hobby seriously and that’s why I cherish this cute little online corner of mine so much.






This blog is a constant race between me, myself and I. It is my project so there is no boss telling me what to do, I make mistakes on my own and I try to learn as much as I can though I can be quite stubborn at times. It’s all on me so let me be super proud that my blog is one year old! I still can‘t believe it!

There’s still lots of work to do, some changes I want to make in the future and a lot of new pictures to be taken. The secret though is never to think I’ve accomplished my goal. As long as I can dream of the next steps, I’ll keep going. As long as I’ll have my friends and family to support me, I’ll keep writing.






Therefore, let’s talk about progress! You know I love lists so let’s write one about the next 365 days of this blog. This is what I think I shall do:



I’ve written about so many different topics that it’s starting not to make sense anymore so I’d rather stop now, go back to the roots and start again with posts about books, skincare and journeys. I think it makes more sense to be picky about my content. I loved writing about many different topics and exploring other options but now I think I’ll concentrate on these three.



I’m reading a book that a friend gave me about TED talks. I don’t know if you are familiar with the TED portal – it started as a conference about technology, design and education, now it’s a platform where you can find thousands of inspiring speeches from people around the world. TED presentations are 18 minutes long on average, which is not a hell lot of time. This book unveils the secrets behind the best TED talks and gives advice on how to communicate more efficiently. One of their suggestions is to use personal stories because it helps you create a deeper level of empathy with your audience. I love personal stories so I’ll try and use them here on my blog as well. Hopefully, you’ll come back for more!



00279 LUCA09716B


If I achieve these 2 goals, I’ll be more than happy because that will add style and personality to my blog. I have the feeling that there are still people reading blog posts but because they choose to read versus watching a YouTube video, they want quality content. I’m definitely up for the challenge! Great content, always good pictures thanks to my beloved photographer L, amazing followers and that’s it, we have a super blog!

Let me finish this post now by saying  THANK YOU, my followers, here and on Bloglovin, including L and my sisters and all those friends who have told me they love to read my posts because they feel more connected to me: you make my days, you make my dream come true!


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