Hello world!

How are you? We are now back in London, back to our jobs and our normal lives after one last weekend in Italy for our second wedding of the year. We met R&F back in Australia, R was actually one of my colleagues in Sydney and I still remember how surprised I was when she told me we come from the same place (but only met Down Under). Oh, I still remember those walks around Rushcutters Bay on Sunday morning, the weekends at Bondi Beach with our group of friends, the time we had a hamburger at Kings Cross… We were very lucky to have them as friends.

I still can’t believe they are married now, mainly because this means our wedding is getting closer and closer every day. Their wedding was lovely, they hosted the reception in the countryside, in a beautiful park and we all danced on the grass for hours. L and I drove for more than six hours in total but it was worth it – plus, it was nice to be on the road again, just me, L and the asphalt for a chance.





We are now back in London to our normal routine. L starts working every day at 7 am, which means he’s up at 6 (yes, at 6!) while I stay in bed a little bit longer, until 6:40. Waking up is always a serious business for me, but I had to learn not to snooze the alarm more than once or I wouldn’t be able to publish one post on this blog. I love writing in the mornings, it means I have this special moment all by myself immersed in the silence of my home to type my heart out.

It usually takes me three or four mornings to finish a blog post. I normally write up to 7:40, then I try to squeeze in a 5-minute meditation session (I wish I had more time, but I don’t) and then I go to the bathroom, where I take care of my skin. I am a real creature of habits, though I’ve recently tried a few new products thanks to the Lookfantastic Beauty box.





These days in the morning I use a moisturising cream by Omorovicza. I love how the name of this brand sounds: Omorovicza. The cream comes in a lovely little bottle where it says this brand was born in Budapest. I’ve never been there and I’m not sure how the city looks like so every morning I try to imagine how it must be walking down the streets of this place called Budapest. The streets I picture in my head change in style and colours every day, sometimes there’s traffic, sometimes red flowers are blooming at every corner, sometimes they are almost too similar to my memories of Venice. I don’t want to look up on Google Images how Budapest really looks like because I know that it would kill my morning fantasies.




I really like that cream because it’s light and refreshing. If I have time (you know, the clock ticks faster in the morning) I also apply a serum. The one I’ve enjoyed the most so far is this Congested Skin Serum. I normally find it hard to tell whether a serum is helping my skin or I’m just losing precious time, but whenever I apply this one, I can see the difference. It has a very fresh smell of lemons which gently wakes me up a little bit more and I love how the bottle says it’s 99% natural. I tap the serum on my face using my fingers and wash my teeth.




After this quick skincare, I get dressed. Sometimes I feel like I don’t have a definite style, like those bloggers you see on Instagram, I have more of a thousand styles depending on the day. Sometimes I feel like I’m still a teenager, trying to find out my own identity changing my style whenever I can. It feels like a game, I’m constantly exploring and I’m not ready to just settle down for one look or one precise range of colours. While I experiment with my wardrobe, I normally decide how pale I look and if I need a CC cream to give my chins some colour.




I mainly use makeup during the weekend because that’s when I have more time to experiment. When I want to add some layers of bronzer, highlighter and blush, I use this primer. I like the idea of having a mask and a primer in just one product. I’ve used it a few times now and it’s true, it works. The make-up stays on my face for a few hours longer than it would without primer. I haven’t used many primers before so I’m not the perfect judge here but that’s my call.




We tend to go to bed quite early, mainly because we also wake up quite early and my body needs to sleep at least 8 hours to feel ready for the day. I have a cousin who only needs 5 hours of sleep to feel rested and I envy him so much! At the moment we are watching the TV series This is Us, following the advice of yet another cousin, M. It’s a really good series and it’s perfect for that time of the day when you don’t want anything too serious or heavy yet not too easy or superficial.

Once the episode is ended, I clean my face using a cleanser. I’m using three different ones at the moment, but the one I like the most is the Moringa Cleansing Balm by Emma Hardy. It’s actually a balm so it’s more oily and I have to use my fingertips to work it on my skin. I prefer this one to the other ones because it’s gentle but also because I can leave it on my face for the whole night as an additional treatment. I love masks and I find that moisturising masks work better if you apply them before going to sleep as they will have 8 hours to make a difference. Just remember to rinse them off the next morning.




That’s how life is so far. I feel that having this new routine of writing blog posts in the morning and editing videos during the weekend is helping me be more productive and organised. My skin now only needs some sun as I’m pretty pale at the moment so hopefully, we will have more sunny days here in London as well!

What about you? What are your favourite skincare products?





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