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How are you? Here we are still recovering from my sister’s wedding whilst getting ready for another exciting weekend overseas, where we will catch up with L’s family and meet some other friends of ours. When we travel, I tend to struggle keeping up the blog content or editing video clips so sorry if I won’t post too regularly this month. The main issue is that my computer is getting older, which means that most probably for our wedding I’ll gift myself a new laptop instead of a very expensive bag as previously planned. Anyway, the time we spend with family and friends is gold to us, it doesn’t matter how tiring it may be, we do need it.

Personal monologues aside, today I wanted to write about this French movie L and I saw on Netflix. The English title is: I’m not an easy man and it talks about a man who suddenly wakes up in a world where women are the stronger sex. I don’t want to say too much about the plot so I won’t tell you how the story goes on. However, let me say that some scenes were a real wake-up call for me.






One of the characteristics of this women’s world is that bartenders are mainly women, police officers are mainly women, housekeepers are mainly men, secretaries are mainly men. That for me was one of the most interesting things about that movie. Today when I see one police officer who is a woman I tend to think: wow, we made it, women are so strong nowadays. But that’s just one and it is still the exception, that’s why I notice it. If there was a world where half of the police officers were men and half were women, I would not care but most importantly I would not expect to see a man in front of me (and be pleasantly surprised if it was a woman instead). If I thought of a police officer, my brain would not give me the picture of a man in uniform in that world.

What we expect to see is a reflection of what we are used to seeing. We are surprised when we see something that is different from the world we are used to experiencing. I don’t know if what I’m about to write will make sense, but I was surprised that I was surprised by seeing so many women in roles that are nowadays typically covered by men and vice-versa.





The other interesting fact about this movie is that women can do whatever job they want and be whoever they wish to be, while men are supposed to cover only weaker roles. When I saw women living like men, driving sports cars, wearing jeans and t-shirts or suits all the time, I thought: I want to feel free like them. I want to be able to picture my life and live it, without boundaries or constraints (or, most of all, judgements). I’m not saying it’s men not letting us do things, I say we women should just aim at what we really want to do and consider it normal.

Normality is just a mindset. We consider normal what we are used to seeing around us. If all women started to act like they were the strongest beings on Earth, we would start to consider it normal. I don’t think that what I’m saying is feminist, that’s just how our brain works. We consider what usually happens to us as normal. If us, women, start to behave as we are indeed stronger, then we will change the shape of the world around us.





Let me tell you one last thing about that movie. The icing on the cake was that in the world of I’m not an easy man women are considered stronger because they are the ones who give birth to babies. Men are not strong enough to do so. This new perspective was a real game changer for me. In the movie, men are also the ones who take care of the babies when they grow up, while women act like swans – they just give birth.

I’m still not sure what shape the world I wish to live in has. I also know that this movie is a bit extreme in some ways (I won’t tell you why though, I don’t want to spoil too much). I can say that I’ve found it quite inspiring and challenging at the same time. As you know, I grew up surrounded by other little women who taught me how strong, hard-working and empathetic we are. Those are all qualities that should not be overlooked – I suggest you check the blog shecanshedid to have a glimpse of what women are doing right now in the world to make it better.





Let’s do all we can to shape our world the way we like it. Sometimes that’s just as simple as refusing to watch a TV show we don’t approve (the fewer viewers a show has, the more likely it is to be shut down). Other times it might be more challenging, such as speak up or make a difficult choice when we are not treated fairly. I think we should just be more selfish and fight harder for what we want to obtain, following only our own rules. That’s what being a feminist means to me.

Let me know if you find the time to watch this movie or if you’ve already watched it, what are your thoughts about it and what you liked the most!






Pictures taken at Hotel Numana Palace

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