WARNING: This post may be a bit more emotional than the usual

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Ready to get dressed after 2 hours spent at the hairdresser


Hi, my friends,

I have some wonderful news for you: my little sister M got married last weekend and I was her maid of honour! I still can’t believe it, it feels distant, unreal yet the memories of that day are so vivid in my head. Now M and G are married and are currently enjoying their honeymoon in one of the best places on earth, while I’m here, in my bed, sipping tea and trying to figure out what happened. To me, time stopped the moment they went to sleep to their place after the after-party, while my other sisters and I all went to my parent’s place as usual. That’s when I realised she was more gone than I thought she would be.

The wedding ceremony was undoubtedly intense and emotional so emotional that I even sat in the wrong pew as I entered, the sound of the violin elevated the atmosphere and most of us dropped a tear or two when the bride and groom exchanged their vows. My sister looked gorgeous in her dress and so did her husband, the sun could not have shone brighter and nobody could erase the memory of the smiles on our faces. It was, indeed, an incredible morning.


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We then went to the venue they chose and enjoyed the world famous Franciacorta wines as well as some tasty Italian food. I normally tend to get bored when there’s a long lunch involved, but this wasn’t the case. As usual, I tried to give myself some answers as to why it was such a good party. I think the main reasons why us sisters had a wonderful time are essentially these ones:


It almost felt like it was an interactive lunch because we moved from one room to the next one quite quickly. We had our starters in the courtyard, which lasted less than 2 hours. We then walked through the wine cellar to reach the room where lunch was served. Between the second and the third course, we had sorbet on the terrace and once all courses were served, we went outside in the garden for the dessert buffet. We didn’t stay in each room for more than 2 hours and the weather allowed us to move across the whole villa, including the garden and the terrace. Every time we moved to a different space, we talked to different people and it almost felt like the party started over and over again.


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The DJ and the couple’s friends prepared some funny games that entertained all guests, starting with the song Oh Mc Donald had a farm where we had to stand up and make the sound of the animal displayed on our table whenever it was mentioned in the song. I loved how we started to play games at our tables while courses were served and that we continued outside under the sun.


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I came to the conclusion that it was the guests who were there that ultimately made the wedding special. I had a good time talking to everybody that was present that day. Old-time friends, relatives, cousins, my sisters, L, A’s boyfriend we finally met, I was surrounded by my extended family and that made a big difference. I believe each guest went home that night having experienced a different party and I was among the lucky ones who really had a ball. For the first time in my life, I knew more than half of the guests quite well and I was looking forward to spending some time with them. Spending a  w h o l e  day with your extended family is a luxury that everyone who lives abroad dreams of. It made me realise how lucky I am and how wonderful my friends are.


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This is us!



Last but definitely not least, being the maid of honour gave me the responsibility to enjoy the party thoroughly. I’m not sure I was the best maid of honour ever, let’s say I tried my best being almost more anxious than the bride herself and suggesting alcoholic games two nights before the big day. I made sure she wore a wonderful pyjama though and tried my best to help my sisters get into their bridesmaid dresses – we all looked stunning!


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This is the famous PJ


It was definitely a memorable day for all of us and I’d love to live it all over again at least 10 times. I’m not very good at endings but I just want to thank everyone who was there because we managed to throw an unforgettable party for my sister M and her husband G and that is truly priceless. The 12th May was definitely a celebration of love, friendship and good wineNow I’ll have to make terms with the fact that my little sister will start a new life with her husband and I can’t but wish both happiness, joy and the gift of patience. Most importantly, I wish to myself that I’ll keep being involved in their new life, wherever that will bring us!


What about you, have you ever been to a really good wedding? I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments below!



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  1. I loved this article!
    I like what you write and every time that I read one of your post I can feel a lot of emotions, so thank you for the time that you spend for this blog!

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