Hi my friends,

I hope you are so so well as usual! I’m terribly excited! There are several good things happening in my life at the moment and I can’t wait to live each moment of the next few weeks, make wonderful memories and tell you all about it!

I’ve also been quite tired and overwhelmed by things to do and sort out such as work schedule, wedding preparations (yep, still working on invitations), presents to buy, decisions to take and lots of family members calling to organize my next trip to Italy (not complaining about it at all). Anyway, in such a stressful moment, I tend to switch on: let’s-enjoy-the-little-things attitude because I’m so tired and busy that I have no time for big things. I suppose that’s my way to keep enjoying life when everything goes crazy.

That’s why today I want to write a post about all these little things that make me happy even when I have to work  l o n g  hours or I am exhausted. As you may know, I love writing lists, it helps me focus and be productive. In this case, it will make me happy because it’s a happy list. So let’s get into it!


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The things that are making me happy right now are:

Making myself coffee using the mocha my mom gifted me

It is a truly old style mocha that reminds me of childhood memories and of my dearest friend L who is a truly-good-coffee addict. I also see it as a ritual to give thanks to my childhood and to the people that populate my memories of it, from my grandma to that grumpy-yet-somehow-funny uncle who loved Illy coffee – the same one I drink. Every time I make coffee using a mocha I feel like I’m receiving energy from my Italian ancestors, even when I’m living abroad.


00949 LUCA09952B

Watching Big Bang Theory with L

I didn’t know what Big Bang Theory was until I met L. I remember the first time he said something about it I thought: oh no, what’s that? Another boring documentary? Not that he’s much into documentaries, to be fair. Anyway, he somehow convinced me an almost impossible task to watch it back when we were in Australia. That was it, since then I’ve developed his same addiction and now we are watching the 10th and 11th seasons together at dinnertime as we’ve been doing for almost four years now. It’ relaxing, it’s funny and it’s one of those little things I really enjoy about our relationship.


00835 LUCA09892B

Running with my Nike RunClub app

I am not a big Nike fan and I’ve never been a real runner before last year, but I have to admit their RunClub app is pretty good. The design is tidy and clear, it notifies me when I’ve been on the couch for too many days in a row and it displays a list of my achievements that gives me that burst of dopamine each time I collect one. I also love to share my runs with family and friends on WhatsApp and recently I’ve been doing my two best times ever! I love how you can see the map that shows where I’ve been running and lots of nice numbers, but not my embarrassingly red, sweaty face. In fact, let me share this with you as well as this new achievement deserves some celebration (this was the run when I achieved my fastest mile, hell yeah!):


My 5-minute morning meditation

Most days I feel like I don’t have time to do anything, let alone meditate for 20 minutes as I used to. At the same time, I feel like I need to stop and breathe if I don’t want to feel overwhelmed by life. My compromise here is to meditate for 7-8 minutes after breakfast. I sit in bed, lean my back against the pillow and breathe. I do that three times a week at least and that’s enough to keep me going without going crazy. I use the app Calm as they have a timed meditation option that works exactly like a timer but you can choose a background sound and it displays a quote at the end of each session. I also love the gentle bong they use to tell you the 5 minutes are over. My secret here is that as soon as I hear that bong, my deepest meditation begins.


00895 LUCA09925B

Applying a mask before going to bed

I love applying a moisturising mask on my face before going to sleep. It nourishes the skin deeply and in time I do see the benefit of doing so. I just need to remind myself to use a cleanser the following morning to rinse it off and to change the pillowcase once a week. I sometimes use a hair mask as well but I find it more complicated as I then need to wash my hair the next day, which takes time I don’t really have. I would normally use the Caudalie moisturising mask, however, I’ve recently started to use a swiss hydrating mask that’s proving worthwhile as I can see the difference when I wake up the next morning.


00865 LUCA09907B

House Party!

Another great app that I strongly recommend to anyone who has a  B I G  family. This app allows you to have a video call with several people at the same time, I believe up to 8. It’s extremely easy to use, you just need to launch the app and check who’s in the house to start a conversation, no need to call. Also, when you log in, you can see these very interesting facts (or some cheesy messages about how gorgeous you look) that I find addictive. I find that since we’ve all downloaded HouseParty, we talk to each other even more so I can’t be happier about it.


00951 LUCA09953B

Being at home on a Monday

I’ve recently been working during weekends, which is not the best thing in the world. However, because of that, I could stay at home on Mondays instead. I’m quite enjoying it because this means fewer tourists around, no  l o n g  queues at the cashiers in shops, a place to seat on the tube and that guilty pleasure of being at home when everybody else is working. I can write my blog posts, chill out on the couch, watch Grace and Frankie on Netflix and maybe venture outside if it’s not too cold.


00799 LUCA10018A

And last but totally not least, the excitement for my sister’s wedding is kicking in! I can’t wait to see my family again, spend some time home and relax while eating homemade Italian food! My sisters and I have started to talk about all these wedding-related topics and organising the Hen Party, it’s all quite thrilling!

I’d say this was my monthly update since that is what I’ve been doing in the past 30 days apart from working. I do have a simple, ordinary life, I just try my best to enjoy thoroughly as I am able to.


What about you, what is keeping you happy and motivated these days?



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