Hi, my friends,

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and that you managed to relax and chill out a little bit. I’ve been staring at this  e m p t y  page for a while now, partly because my computer has decided not to work properly and partly because I’m feeling quite tired today. It is Monday morning, there is a soft light peering through the big window of my bedroom and a cup of tea in front of me – a strawberry infusion, to be precise. I think today’s sleepiness describes quite well my past month: I’ve been mostly tired and sleepy. Now, as the spring slowly unfolds, it’s getting easier to rise and shine in the morning, the sun is recharging my batteries.




I feel like the main objective of this month has been that of writing down my wedding invitations, though it’s still an ongoing project as I’ve not finished it yet. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not writing them one by one. I just want to write a very good one and then use that as a template to print the rest. The problem is that there is always a letter that doesn’t look good enough and my pens’ lines were either too thick or too thin. I found a good pen at Paperchase two weeks ago, now I’m almost there I just have to steal a couple of white paper sheets from work and I’m done!




On the nutritional side, I think I’m making good use of our Nutribullet. For those who are new to it, Nutribullet is just a blender that works particularly well and it’s super easy to use and clean. I’ve never been a huge fan of blenders but since we have this one, I usually drink at least one smoothie a week in the morning. That’s also the only way I eat fruit, I don’t particularly love it otherwise. So basically what I do is simply chopping an apple or a pear in  b i g chunks, add some frozen wildberry and/or some sultanas, add water, milk or orange juice and blend for less than 20 seconds. I then drink in the same cup where I blended everything so I just have one glass to clean. I feel quite healthy when I do that. It is an easy way to drink a considerable amount of fruit in one day with no big effort. I truly think Nutribullet was one of the best purchases we’ve ever made as we use it so often!




This month I also developed 2 new obsessions: one of them is a TV series and the other one is a song. The TV series is called Grace and Frankie and it’s about this two women whose husbands declare their love to each other and leave them. I’ve never watched anything where the main characters are all in their 70s and somehow that’s very interesting – not to mention the fact that they are all quite funny. The only trouble here is that L hates that show so I only watch it when he’s not around. When we are together, we either watch Masterchef Italia or 13 Reasons Why. I’ve told you that I’m feeling sleepy and that’s what tired people do: Netflix and chill!




My other obsession is the new song by Enrique Iglesias, El Baño. I think it reminds me of all the nights I spent dancing in nightclubs in Spain while studying at university.  I really enjoyed dancing so I used to go out frequently with different groups of friends, both in Madrid and Barcelona. I think my truly favourite bit though was the talking right before going back to our places, under a night sky decorated with stars, while the city cleaners would pour water in the streets and other men and women would sell churros from their vans. I’ll always remember those nights, the drinking games, the laughter, the Never have I ever and the old-time friends.




Back to reality, the most exciting bit of this month is yet to come! My family is coming here shortly and I can’t wait to spend some time with them in London. There’s only four of them joining me this time and they’ve already seen the most touristy attractions so I’m planning to spend more time strolling around the area where I live, visit some markets and maybe going to Kew Gardens. The weather this month has been colder than ever, today it’s even snowing and the wind blows at 100 miles an hour (ok, I’m exaggerating, but not that much, trust me) but it’s also quite sunny. Fingers crossed the sun will stay with us for a couple of days more.




Of course, we will miss walking our friends’ newborn to make him sleep this weekend – that’s another thing I’ve been doing this month and really enjoyed it. I feel like I’m becoming the London auntie for a couple of babies and that makes me so happy, you have no idea! Feeling part of a family of friends when you live abroad is priceless!


So here’s my update, now I can’ wait to spend some time with mom, dad and a couple of siblings! How was your month?




  1. I can’t wait to see ur wedding invitations! (By the way.. I want to know more about that good pen u found at Paperchase). Have fun with mum&dad! xxxx

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