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It’s now been two months since I’ve asked L to sign me up for a beauty box called Lookfantastic as Christmas present so I thought it was about time to write a review of what I liked the most and the least about it. As you may know, that’s a subscription-based service that delivers a box to your doormat each month containing 6 skincare and make-up mini products at a fairly convenient price. The idea behind it is that first of all you receive a little present each month, that comes in a beautiful box in delicate colours that you can recycle and use again. Secondly, you try brands and products you would not have necessarily found by yourself that come from all over the world.

L signed me up in December and so far I’ve received two boxes: one for January and one for December. I love the idea of receiving a present each month because it’s a surprise (and I love surprises that involve makeup or skincare!) but also because now before purchasing a cream, I wait and see if it arrives with the monthly beauty box (and a couple of times, it did). The price is not expensive at all and I have the chance to try products I might have never purchased in the bigger, standard packaging myself. I’d say it’s a good present for someone who loves this kind of products.




As I said before, this blog post will be about the products I loved the most and the ones that did not convince me. It is a very personal classification, purely based on my experience and subsequently on my skin type. So let’s start with my favourites of these 2 months:


1 Pink Hair and Scalp Mask

This hair mask by Espa has done miracles for my hair. I tend to have dry hair, especially in winter when the heating is on most of the time in the office and at home. Since I’ve dyed it, I notice the dryness even more plus London hard water does not help. This is why I’m always looking for new nourishing hair products. This mask is serious business. It has an incredible smell, every time I use it I feel like I’m in a botanical garden, surrounded by aromatic herbs and fresh flowers. I normally apply this mask in the evening. I comb my hair with a wet brush then apply it on my scalp and on my hair, making sure to add an extra bit on the ends. I then go to sleep and wash my hair the morning after.

I have used this mask 3 times now and there is still some left. It leaves my hair soft and nourished, plus I’ve also noticed that since I’ve started using it, my hair doesn’t get dirty as often as it used to.




2 Light Controlling Toner

I’ve not used toner since I came back from Australia, almost 2 years ago. I don’t really know why I stopped using it, I think that’s because the one I had was drying my skin and I wasn’t convinced it was actually doing any good. However, since I’ve started using this one by Erno Laszlo, I’m now back in love with the whole concept of toners. This one is light and refreshing and has a slight scent of lemon and lime, I apply it on my skin as an extra step after the cleanser and it gently wakes me up.




3  V o l u m i z e r  Mascara

To be honest, I’ve never heard of the brand Doucce until I found it in the beauty box – and that’s one of the reasons I’ve bought that subscription in the first place. I definitely need to explore more this brand if all their products are as good! This mascara has an intense colour and is truly volumising. It’s not my number 1 mascara in the world but it’s still a very good one and I was happily surprised when I found it.




4 Ultra Repair Body Cream

This is a heavily moisturising body cream by Fab – First Aid Beauty and has a thick consistency. I believe it should not be used as your normal, daily body cream but rather as a shock therapy when your body skin is particularly dry. When I use it, I don’t feel like I need to apply a body cream again the following day as I would do with any other product, as it deeply nourishes the skin layers.




Those were the products I loved the most, listed in my very personal order of preference. I’m quite pleased I’ve found 4 very valid products in only 2 beauty boxes, I can’t wait to receive the next one! Plus, I still have not tried the serum that was in February’s box, partly because I’m already using another one and partly because we are travelling to Sicily in March and I’d like to bring that serum with me as it’s quite compact and doesn’t take too much space.

To be fair, there were products that were good but not exceptional as the ones mentioned above, and of course, others that I didn’t like at all. Of course, this is only my personal judgement and it can be related to my skin type or the way I use them. So far, I’ve only found 2 products that I truly didn’t like (on a total of 12) so I’d say I’m pretty happy with this Lookfantastic subscription.

On the other hand, those are the ones that did not convince me at all:


1 Warming Ginger Bath & Body Oil

This body oil by MonuSpa is meant to become creamy as you pour it onto your skin. Well, in my case, it doesn’t. I’ve tried to use it in the shower as well as while having a bath and I couldn’t see any difference on my skin. Moreover, it has a smell I really don’t like. When I opened it, I thought they had sent me an expired product. I don’t recommend it at all.




2 Ciaté Fierce Flicks Eyeliner

I’ve tried to use this eyeliner three times just to test it and I’ve found it particularly difficult to use. It doesn’t write very well, the colour is not intense and because there’s only little product on the top of the pen, I find it difficult to draw a straight, precise line. Again, I thought Ciaté was only selling nail lacquers so I was surprised and intrigued when I found the eyeliner in my beauty box in January, also because the packaging is pretty and promising. In this case, the product was not up to standard and I’m now back to my beloved NYX epic ink linker.




Overall, the numbers of products I truly loved is the double of those I didn’t, so far so good! I’ll write another post in some months time to let you know if the next Lookfantastic beauty boxes will surprise me just as much (the Feb one should arrive any day now!!!). The plan is also to open them on camera so please make sure you are also following my YouTube channel 🙂


Let me know if you are subscribed to any beauty boxes and how is your experience so far!






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