Hi guys,

Here we are, Christmas is over and yet it’s still winter. That’s a dreadful time of the year for everybody who does not live in a country where it’s summer right now. January and February are the worst period of the year for me, mainly because I feel tired and sleepy. It’s as if I could feel the weight of the whole 2017 on my shoulders, the weight of everyday responsibilities and duties. It’s also the time of the year when I eat more sugar (all the chocolate that’s left from Christmas) and that makes me feel moody.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to skip this season at all, we somehow need to go through it so here’s what I am doing this year to try and survive the winter blues because yes, spring is just around the corner and in one more month it will be March already! So let’s aim to survive the last few days of winter and life will be shiny again.





1 Birthday Cards

As I mentioned in a previous post, I come from a  b i g  family and the first birthday of the year comes in January, then there’s my mom‘s in February and another one in April. Since I’m not at home and I miss most family birthdays (I’m feeling like an horrible person while I write this, but come on, honestly, there’s 7 birthdays in one year, how can I possibly fly home for  A L L  of them and still have days left to go on holiday?) I at least try to send a postcard.

In some countries it is now becoming challenging to find stamps, cards or postcards as nobody sends them anymore, but not in UK: here there are shops that only survive thanks to cards. I love love love this tradition! I love cards, all types of cards: birthday cards, get-better-soon cards, thank you cards, friendship cards, love cards, season’s greetings cards, all of them! And frankly, I notice my friends love them too. When they receive a card, they always send me a thank you message with a picture of the card on their table.

Therefore, my number one tip to go through January is to buy some cards and stamps to be ready for a year full of greetings that should be delivered in a handwritten note by a nice post officer because that’s how you show family and friends how much you care about them.





2 Plan a trip

Last year L and I were among the lucky ones that saw one of their flights being cancelled by Ryanair. The CEO of the company kindly decided to award us with a voucher each that we could have used by the end of October 2017 to book a flight to go somewhere before the end of March 2018. We love to travel (I mean, who doesn’t?) so we used the vouchers to plan a trip to Palermo. We’ve never been in the south of Italy and I’m very very excited about it!

Every time I feel sad, I think about those tickets and all the pictures of cannoli I’ve seen – huge cannoli with ricotta, can’t wait to try them all! I’ve spent the past week looking for accommodation and starting to look at the city map to gather an idea of how it works and what we can’t miss out. I really look forward to a nice stroll along the beach!





3 Try something new

The older I grow, the more important it is for me to practise sport and the less time I have to dedicate to it. In the past few years, I painfully wrote down in my NY Resolutions list something like: practise more sport, do more yoga, go to the gym etc, knowing I would struggle to find the time to do that. This year I’m lucky I have friends around who are pushing me to be more active. We have a friend that sometimes joins us in our weekly/fortnight run and if we can’t run together, we share the run stats to keep our motivation high.

This week I’ve also tried something new: tennis. I did that in middle school and in my memories I was not that bad at it. So when our running-club friend told me there is this association that organises tennis classes for women on Tuesdays, I decided to give it a go. Now, I had not been playing for almost 15 years so I wrote to the organiser asking if I could give that a try as on Tuesdays the level is supposed to be improver rather than beginner. He told me not to worry and to give it a try.

Well, I appreciated his kind words, though we found out I’m a total beginner! I mean, I was able to catch almost half of the balls and I learnt how to service, but the other girls were a whole lot better than me. Even though my level was not good enough, I have to say I enjoyed it a lot. The girls were nice and patient with me, I also met an Italian girl who was particularly supportive (and I’m very grateful for that) plus it felt nice to spend an hour outside in the middle of a lovely park, far from the skyscrapers. I think I will now step back, learn the basics again and then maybe this summer I’ll be able to join that group again with more skills.





4 Take a bath

I’ve never used the tub we have in the bathroom last year. However, in both the Christmas Lookfantastic beauty box and in the Sephora advent calendar as well, I found two bath soaps – one with the shape of a Christmas ball and the other with the shape of a tablet. I decided to use them during the month of January. I kept them for a couple of nights when I came home from work extremely tired. I have to say it was quite beneficial, relaxing and calming. If you’ve had a bad day and you don’t have energy to do anything at all, just have a bath!




5 Start a new TV series

My last tip would be to just choose a brand new series to watch before going to sleep at night. I find that it’s a good way to keep you entertained and it’s also something to look forward to each night. This month L and I have watched Girlboss. The main character is a bit crazy my sister L claims I’m like her, I don’t believe so but funny and full of energy. She’s also very dedicated to her passion, which is a trait I admire. It doesn’t matter whether you have a Netflix account, an Amazon subscription or Sky on demand, it’s always a good time to start watching a new series.




So that’s what I’m doing at the moment. I didn’t mention eating chocolate because that’s one thing I’m trying to avoid though with little success. My goal for February is to keep up with the good stuff (sport, eating healthy somehow and blogging) plus keep doing my best at work.




What about you, are you anxiously waiting for spring to arrive as well?




  1. Even though we’re now well into February I feel like I still need this positivity, loved reading this post. I must admit I have spent a lot of this winter taking long baths and watching various series on Netflix and it has helped so much, though I do need more motivation to get out there like you!

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    1. Dear Ditsy Explorer, come on! We can do this! I saw the sun shining yesterday, spring is almost here! And there are still sales! Hehe 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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