Hi guys,

How are you? For the first time it took me a  w h o l e  week to decide what to write in this post. I wrote a  w h o l e  page, then deleted it, then wrote it again. Every now and then I need to stop thinking what my blog is about and what I want to communicate in each post. By now, I can say it’s mainly about me, my daily life, my trips and the products and books I discover along the way. On one hand, I don’t want to keep it too superficial, though on the other, I am always scared of sharing too much, which is why I wrote and rewrote a post this time.




In this moment I’m in my bed, next to my new wooden tray, having my breakfast slowly and typing a word every now and then, my legs are still sore from yesterday’s workout – the first workout of the year. Yes, it took me almost a month to go back to the gym! At the moment my life is a little bit jammed of things to do, people to see and places to visit, I feel like I will never have time to just sit down and breath, but at the same time I’m loving the fact that I have so many things to do. Plus, I’m starting to enjoy making videos, now I almost look forward for that moment when I will sit down on my bed and start talking at the camera. It feels relaxing. I still have to rehearse what I want to say beforehand, but I’m feeling way more comfortable now and I still can’t believe that I’ve made and edited 5 videos by myself! Pats herself on the back.




Talking about books, I’m now fully immersed in the book My name is not Miriam. It’s a book about this lady who at the age of 85 starts unveiling her real origins and how she had to adopt a different name and a different identity during the second World War to be able to survive. The writer deals in parallel with the character’s story after the war, before the war when she was forced to stay in a convent, then at Aushwitz and at Ravensbruck. The descriptions are cruel and so real I almost forget I’m on my way to work when I read it on the tube. The more I read it, the more I have to keep reading about this lady, how she managed to survive and her ideas about being a lady and then a nanny. I suppose that reading about that period also reminds me of my grandfather. If you are looking for a gripping, breathtaking novel, I could not recommend it more.

Talking about more trivial topics, another thing I am spending some time on is planning the wedding. To be honest, at the moment I’m not devoting it too much time, but I will slowly start to. I’m quite happy because we chose the most important things: church, location, DJ and the dress. I am now thinking about invitations and I have already decided where to choose the flowers, though I will have to go in person to discuss the details (but at least I have an idea now). To be honest, Pinterest was very useful when it came down to decide what to do with invitations and flowers because I had no idea of what I could opt for and how it would have looked like. I totally recommend opening a Pinterest board if you are planning a big event such as this one.




I would also like to sort out some bits and bobs in the next couple of months for the sake of preventing anxiety as much as I can. I would like to choose the wedding rings, the presents for the best man and the maids of honour and I think I will leave the underwear for the end of summer sales. We are so lucky a friend of ours will be our photographer, as that’s something less to think about and I know he’ll do a great job as well. I can’t wait to be able to show you everything!




A part from wedding preps, I normally spend some of my time checking other blogs and vlogs. I usually do that when I iron because the plug is very close to the computer in the living-room. I find it quite relaxing and entertaining, it’s like having a girls-chat on demand, as well as a constant source of inspiration.




Let me leave you a list of the blogs and vlogs I follow, in case you are wondering:

  • This blog would not exist if I hadn’t discover this wonderful lady from Manchester: Inthefrow, aka Victoria not that she knows it. I believe she’s a fabulous blogger, smiles often and posts some awesome travel vlogs with several gorgeous videos made with drones. Her writing style is particularly noticeable.
  • A more sophisticated woman is Lydia Elise Millen, she doesn’t write a lot of blogposts but she always posts some very funny (and long) videos. I watch her videos when I’m ironing and I have a huge pile of clothes to go through. Her style is different from mine but I love how she restyles the same bags all over again, making every single piece in her wardrobe count.
  • If you have never watched her videos before, I recommend checking out Tamara’s account. I think she has a brave style, I love her for that. I really like the fact that she doesn’t wear what everyone else is and she often buys items from Dolce and Gabbana, my favourite brand.
  • If I am up for a chatty video, I’d watch Amelia Liana’s. I find she’s a very simple and honest girl, quite open-hearted and girly. She always posts amazing photos on Instagram as well, I like how she manages to keep the same style when editing them.
  • When I’m up for some very classy, elegant looks, I check the Instagram account of Fashion Mumblr, a girl that often wears white, suede or pink. She manages to be always elegant and sophisticated. She’s my latest discovery, in a way.
  • My last suggestion would be Zoella. I wish I had more time to watch her videos. What I like about her is the career she’s built around her videos and blog. She’s very simple in her manners, yet manages a profile with millions of subscribers and has a line of beauty products and homeware. Plus, she’s got an adorable dog!


The jumper in these pics comes from Max Mara winter sales


And of course, my biggest inspirations are the photos of L. At the beginning I hated how he continuously asked me to take photos, then during the years I’ve learnt how to enjoy it but most of all how to exploit all those wonderful images in a unique blog. We took the pics in this post on our way to our friends’ house: we had to change at Bank Station and L decided to stop there for a very quick photoshoot and we arrived 10 minutes late only, hehe.

I hope you enjoyed this unregulated post, I have to say I am quite satisfied with it. If you have suggestions for my blog, please let me know, I’m always looking for feedback.

What about you, how is it going and who is your biggest inspiration?




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