Hi Everybody,

I hope you had a wonderful week. This weekend I’m finally going back home for a few days and I cannot wait to sit on that airplane, my eyelids closed, earphones on. By the way, I have to download more music to my iPhone. Even if it’s just for a few days, I know it will be very beneficial for me because going abroad means that your brain stops thinking about work and only concentrates on enjoying those moments with family and friends, that will eventually become our best memories.

I also look forward to some time offline, when I am forced not to check social networks and I don’t have to send a WhatsApp message to my sisters to be able to have a chat with them. I’ve worked hard during the holidays on my blog and now I feel like I need a holiday. The biggest issue now is: what to put in my luggage?

It’s only a few days so I won’t need too much, yet I don’t want to be there and discover I should have brought with me more socks! Usually, since I only pack my suitcase last minute, I start writing a list of the things I’ll need either on my phone or on my diary. I normally start doing that one week in advance so that by the time I need to pack, I’ve figured what I was going to forget.




This is usually what I bring with me:

  1. I pack outfits rather than x number of jeans, t-shirts and jumpers. If I pack outfits, there are more chances I will use everything I’m bringing with me and I won’t waste space. Also, I choose 2 t-shirts for each outfit so that I can use it twice (and leave more space for beauty products, shoes and gifts);
  2. I carefully select the make-up and creams I need. This year I’ve found lots of small-sized make-up products in the advent calendar which will be helpful. I normally bring a moisturising mask as well, especially if I’m flying. Then, once L’s luggage is ready as well, I put all creams and liquids into a plastic bag(s). I make sure the plastic bags and the computer are on the very top of my suitcase so that I can easily take them out when I’m at security at the airport.
  3. I choose the outfits I want to bring home and the outfit I’ll wear to travel a week in advance so that I won’t wear it inadvertently in the days before I travel.
  4. During the year, I collect samples of perfumes, cleansers, creams and make-up and I’ll bring them with me when I travel. I have a special box in the bathroom just for that, to make sure they don’t get lost in the house.
  5. I stick to the rules of size and weight of the baggage allowance of the company I’ll fly with. I hate feeling stressed and anxious because my luggage might cost me money and time so I do my best to avoid that problem.

That is how I usually pack. This week’s video will show you the make-up and beauty products that I will bring with me. You can find that here (make sure you subscribe to my blog and to my channel)!




I’ll also add the rules I follow when booking a flight, as a special bonus, just for you:

  1. If I need to take the train to go to the airport, I always purchase it when I’m buying the flight tickets. I just don’t want to think about it, plus with most companies if you buy a train ticket in advance, you’ll get a better deal.
  2. I normally buy flight tickets 2-3 months before, as at the moment I think that’s the best solution. L has recently been using an app called Hopper that tells you if the price of that place is supposed to go up or down, based on the past records.
  3. I always use Lonely Planet guide books. I know I’ll find good tips and the information in the books is not overwhelming and well organised, which is all I need.

And then, each journey is different, I’ll never know what I’ll find until I live it. We never plan too much, some of the best memories come from unplanned adventures that we’ll never forget. Of course, we want to know where we are going to and the landmarks of each place, but the secret to truly enjoy a holiday is not to be stuck in your plans.

Have a look at the video and let me know if you have any golden rules you follow when packing!

Love from Italy



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