Hi there,

How are you? January has finally arrived, it is cold and everybody is gloomy. Looking around it feels like this is the month to go shopping and to get organised. My inbox is full of emails offering discount codes promising I will have access to the best sales ever as well as organizational tips on how to schedule my life this year to achieve my resolutions. As most probably as every other person, I’m trying to do a bit of both. I went shopping, to L’s and the credit card’s discomfort, and I’ve been trying to be disciplined as well.





Last year I’ve started reading books about habits and organisation. The main thing I’ve learnt is that, first of all, if you want to do something regularly, you need to start building a routine around it. Pick a time, a location, a reward and stick with it, whatever happens: you’ll create a new routine that won’t be easily disrupted.




I myself am using a diary from Kikki to write lists down in the morning while I’m having breakfast and I write the more urgent stuff on a whiteboard made of magic paper that we have in the living room. I usually keep a list for the blogposts I have in mind, a list for the wedding planning and a daily list of things to do (such as clean the house, or order prints). I also have a list of things I’d like to buy, though that is quite easy to remember!





I find that writing things on paper is better than creating lists on my phone. If I write a note on an app, I need to open that app to access it and it is easily deleted. Writing lists on paper feels more as a commitment and I love that dopamine rush my brain releases when I cross off an item. Furthermore, I have to say that having an agenda feels powerful and bossy. Even when something goes wrong like when you order prints in the wrong format, I just need to write a new list of things to make it right.




Talking about organisation, writing a blog requires a  h u g e  effort. I am now used to dedicating 20/40 minutes each morning to social media, I always try to publish a post either on Friday, Saturday or Sunday and I’d like to film a video on Saturday to then edit it on the following Sunday. I find that the most difficult bit is to keep engaging on social media, while the easiest is to write a blog post, I truly love it. It feels comfy and homy, words come out from my fingers as I type on my old MacBook keyboard, it feels safe and after all those years I know each cm of this laptop. I’m amazed that it still works fine!


If you wish to read more about habits, I strongly recommend the book: The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do, and How to Change. It is very well written, it is clear and gives memorable examples. I liked how it talked about our habits in our personal life as well as our work environment and in bigger organisations. I’m also reading The Organized Mind: Thinking Straight in the Age of Information Overload but that is more complex and detailed, while it offers useful tips as well (like leaving objects where you might need them or jotting ideas on cards including a deadline as well).





Talking about shopping, on a lighter note, I went to Topshop and as usual bought something that was not on sale, that is the green blouse you see in these photos we took in Covent Garden on 1st January. In this video you can see what else I found so far and how my bedroom looks like. I would like to buy a couple of things more, including something for the house. I printed some photos of all friends who came to visit us in 2017, I’d like to frame them, I’ll keep you updated.


How is your January mood? How do you plan your days?





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