HERE! Before you start reading this post: the song I was listening to while we were shooting the photos below is: Jump for my love by Pointer Sisters. I highly recommend you to play it while you read. Here’s the link.


Hi Everyone,

How are you? I hope you are all doing well and that you are having the best time at home with your loved ones or just relaxing and enjoying some time off. I’m here in London, where the weather is not too bad, eating chocolate biscuits with my tea, treating myself to some face masks and catching up on TV series while burning the scented candles I collected through the advent period. That’s how I’ll spend the last days of this long, productive, full of surprises, not-yet-over 2017.




Lately I’ve been thinking about New Year Resolutions for 2018 and also whether or not I’ve ticked all the items on this year’s list. Through the years, I’ve learnt that the best strategy is to concentrate on a few projects rather than writing a  l o n g  list of things I will never have time to achieve. There’s a few reasons why I shifted from long lists to shorter ones, other than time management. If I choose to concentrate on a handful of projects, I will be less distracted, I will dedicate more hours and become more proficient in that chosen field but also I will feel more rewarded as there will be higher chances to cross off all items on that damn list.




When I was a kid, I used to include all sorts of things in my NY Resolutions, such as: draw more, play an instrument, learn other 2 languages, learn a different sport, read more books, start a blog, study more, get good marks, learn how to makeup, start caring about my nails etc. I now know I won’t have time to be proficient at each and every one of those things so I’ve started to be picky and honest about what I really care of achieving and what does not matter that much, after all. It hurts, but it’s necessary to go through my everyday life while actually achieving something.




This year I’ve challenged myself not to buy anything for 365 days, I’ve moved to London, found a job, opened a blog and most importantly, I’m still writing on it. I’m quite happy I marked those projects off the list. I also wanted to start going to the gym more regularly, which I did during the first months of the year and I’ve been doing again since October. I am sure there was something on 2017 list I did not achieve, such as draw more often, though I did not jot the whole list down so my memory has kindly erased that. Overall, having a blog is satisfying enough to me – not to mention the whole engagement thing, I mean, can you possibly believe that’s real? Because I still don’t. It feels so good I’m afraid one day someone will pinch me and I’ll realise it was only a dream. I’m so so happy. Yes, I can say 2017 has been a year to remember.




Next year I just want to feel good. I was thinking about that on Christmas day, after all that eating and laughing and drinking. I was sitting on the couch with my empty glass of prosecco, in front of me there was a pile of dirty dishes, some decorations and the final scenes of the movie we had been watching (Love Actually). I looked around and I felt happy, fulfilled, relaxed, comfortable and I thought: that’s how I want my life to be. Just like those few minutes after an extremely good party, when everybody has left, and you realise you had some awesome few hours so you look at yourself in a mirror and say to that messy image you see: it was worth it. And then you go to sleep rewinding all those new happy memories in your head. That’s it, that’s how I want to feel again next year.




Having said that, I also have a more boring list of things I would like to do:

Do more yoga (and learn how to stand up right all the time),

Eat healthy food (maybe also cook my lunchbox, but let’s not exaggerate), 

WRITE (for the pleasure of writing),

Do some fun videos,

Enjoy wedding planning (= do not freak out),

Keep writing blogposts at least once a week,

Hopefully, keep doing some kind of sports at least once a week (at least from now till next October).




The goal I want to achieve the most is to keep writing blogposts once a week at least. I feel quite involved in this project now, it’s my personal diary, I can go back and see what I wrote a few months ago, which photos we took, how I was feeling. It is also a brilliant way of keeping friends and family up to date with my life. I hope I will somehow keep up with expectations and write some interesting content that will leave a smile on your face.





So here I am, not so ready for this 2018, a year of celebrations, weddings, graduations and anniversaries. I’m pretty sure there will be tears and I’ll do my best to make sure there will also be starred nights, party music, good wine and long talks. Whatever happens, I know L and my family will be there, as well as a number of friends I’m extremely grateful to have. If I’ll ever feel lonely or sad, I hope my brain will kindly erase that memory for me.


I wish you all the best for this upcoming 2018. Well, to be honest, I wish you all the best for every single hour you live, it doesn’t really matter which year it will be.

A hug



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