Hi there,

I feel like I haven’t done a monthly update in a while! I have so many ideas about posts to write that I’ve forgotten to enlighten you with the little joys of my daily life. Well, let’s catch up with all of that as well.

First of all, we somehow managed to go on holiday in November with L’s parents. We hired a car and drove to Wales, where we spent three days admiring the 50 shades of green of such landscape, counting sheep, sleeping in fancy hotels and tasting local food, from Yorkshire pudding to black pudding. L took so many gorgeous photos that I’ll dedicate a post to that holiday sooner or later.




It was relaxing and felt almost unreal to travel to a place where there’s few people, no tube, no shopping avenues and no street lights, just air to breathe freely. I realised I needed such a break the moment we started driving. Last month we went on holiday to Italy, which is not so much of a downtime for us as we know the places we are visiting quite well and we normally have a busy schedule. A proper weekend away was just what we needed to recover from all that fuss!




Don’t get me wrong, I love going back home and can’t wait to catch that flight again, it’s just that to my brain it doesn’t feel as relaxing as a proper holiday to an unknown destination with almost no plans ahead and a Lonely Planet in my pocket. It is also my fault as I always try to see as many people as humanly possible, leaving no time for myself.

We then spent a weekend with three sisters of mine, M’s fiancee and his identical twin here at home. Those days were magical, they filled our house with life, love and energy. We did some sightseeing, went to Winter Wonderland (as I mentioned in an earlier blog post), I tried some bridal gowns at Westfield with my sisters while the boys looked for a groom’s outfit, we cooked lots of hamburgers at home and played Monopoli cards together until late at night. Since it felt like Christmas, we opened the Christmas Crackers following the British tradition, sang Christmas carols and exchanged presents (mainly lots of good food from Italy). I was glad they found the time and money to come and visit us. Sometimes when you leave abroad it is quite easy to feel left out of your friends and families’ daily life.




Talking about friends, we are trying to spare our time for our friends in London and their newborns. It is exciting to see a new life grow, to take part to a new family’s important moments such as a Baptism and to let new friendships become a little bit more solid over time. It is also funny to see L. trying to hold a baby for more than 10 minutes without making them cry.

Yesterday we had lunch with one of those lovely couples and I managed to cook my bespoken strawberry risotto, that is a normal risotto where you add strawberries and balsamic vinegar glaze. I’m not a good cook at all, I can only cook 2 or 3 dishes quite well and manage to survive preparing big salads and scrambled eggs. I learnt how to cook strawberry risotto in Barcelona with the help of a special friend of mine, I was glad our guests loved it (at least, that’s what they said).



All in all, it was an intense month, full of social events and for the first time I bough the Christmas presents last minute. I normally buy everything by the end of November but this year I was overwhelmed with things to do. I forgot to mention that I also moved office at work and went to 2 Christmas parties so far, one with my coworkers and one with our lovely neighbours. That meant I spent a few mornings recovering from the hangover, rather than writing Christmas cards. Luckily, though, last week I was able to order a couple of things online and today I spent the afternoon in Westfield so I feel like I’m back in business again, back on track with life. I have also opened each Advent Calendar‘s window in time this week, which felt very special (my sisters bought me the Sephora one, which is pretty cool indeed).



We are planning to visit our families in the upcoming weeks but we will spend the holidays here, on our couch, chilling out and enjoying the beautiful city we are blessed to live in. Thanks to my company’s Christmas Party, I now own a wonderful Christmas jumper that I will be wearing through the whole holiday season with no shame or regret.




Now we have one more week of hard work and then the holidays will begin, finally!


Happy holidays guys!



Ideas for late shoppers:




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