Hi guys,

Advent has officially started, in one month we will be home celebrating Christmas and the New Year, you can already hear jingles in shops while temperatures slowly drop down. There are Christmas lights everywhere, even in my blog, London is crowded with tourists and all websites are launching gift sets at a competitive price, promising to deliver your presents in time. In such a whirlwind of events, I’m feeling overwhelmed.




On the one side, everything is exciting: I have an event to plan, friends came over to spend time with us and visit the city, I am involved in more than a project at work and yes, after years of planning and dreaming, I finally have a blog. On the other hand, that’s enough work to have every minute of my life planned, from writing blog articles early in the morning to shooting photos in the city at night, from planning weekends ahead to ironing, cleaning, vacuuming and cooking. It is exciting and tiring at the same time, my head is full of ideas and my fingers keep typing while the clock ticks incredibly fast.





I love this fast moving world I’m living in at the moment, I feel alive, free, powerful and enthusiastic. Of course I would love to have more time to sleep, apply a facemask, read for hours without any interruption and have loads of pictures ready to use in my hard-drive. Still, if I hadn’t a blog to update, I would never go to new places all the time with L to find special spots where to take picture, I would not struggle to become an organised person, I would write less and I would blame myself for that. Now I wake up in the morning with a goal in mind, I build new habits and have long to-do lists. I am slowly becoming the better version of myself I always had in mind.


Yes, it was cold outside..



That’s what the month of November has been about. Discovering my boundaries, what I am comfortable to share online and what I’d rather keep to myself, trying to learn how marketing works, pushing myself a bit further, learning what my habits are to be able to improve how I spend my time, getting to know the person I am and loving her.

December is going to be an even more challenging month: I want to push my limits a bit further, get even more work done, see what else I can do that I didn’t imagine I could ever possibly achieve before the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve. I have no idea where I will find the strength and the time to do everything I have in mind but that’s fine, as long as I have a goal in my head I’m sure I’m going to make it.





Having my sisters and some friends of ours here last weekend gave me the energy and will power to keep working on my blog, whilst loving the city I’m living in even more. By the way, if you are coming to London now, I would recommend to check out Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, that’s insanely awesome! We had so much fun drinking mulled wine (well, I was the one who was mostly interested in it, I have to admit) and eating waffles with Nutella (that would be my sisters). If you love Christmas decorations, Christmas time and everything Christmas-related, make sure you check that out.


I love how L made those lights look like little blue hearts! @slicesoftime



It takes time and a pinch of craziness to follow our dreams, but that’s totally worth it. At the moment, I find that time-management is the key – if I can bring myself to use those hours I usually spend watching TV in a more efficient way, I’m half-way through it. I wish you will all find the guts to take a leap of faith and follow a dream, even if you thing it’s not a significant one, because that’s how we should all live our lives.

A big hug, from my new little me surrounded by London Xmas lights!



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