Hi everybody,

As I mentioned in a recent post, I am the kind of person who needs a routine to be efficient. Even when I go to a place for just a few days, I always try to recreate a routine I can easily follow. Of course, my routine has changed over the years depending on the cities I’ve lived in, on my commitments, on the work shifts and on my age. However, I still believe my brain works better when it knows what’s happening in the next hour, when it’s time to be productive and when I can finally rest. So now take a deep breath and follow me through my habits!



My daily routine in London is quite simple and heavily computer related – that is not something I should be extremely proud of, I know. My alarm rings at 6:50 am and that’s the time when I open my eyes, check the time, feel grateful to myself for having set the alarm too early so that I can postpone it for another ten minutes, then close my eyelids and go back to sleep again. As a teenager, I used to wake up straight away at the sound of the alarm and despised those who could not do that. Nowadays I prefer to cuddle and rest a bit more under the bedsheets for another ten or twenty minutes before my bare feet touch the floor. My very personal explanation is that the world slowly turns more cruel and rough as the years go by, therefore, I need to pamper myself more and more as I get older.




At 7:10 I’m usually in the kitchen, waiting for the kettle to boil the water for my tea and preparing my bowl of cereals. If I need some extra energy and there’s fruit in the house, I prepare a smoothie using my beloved Nutri-bullet, one of the best purchases of the year. I then go back to my bed to enjoy my breakfast against my pillow, while I read some blog posts and forget about the outside world for yet another twenty minutes. If it’s a normal, unordinary morning, I meditate or practice yoga for ten minutes. It’s not a huge amount of time, but I notice that if I stop doing it, my mind starts to feel more confused and nervous.





At 8 I’m in the bathroom, cleansing my skin to remove the night cream and applying my brand new serum. At the moment my skin is not looking at its best, so I treated myself to a couple of products by Sarah Chapman hoping that they will make a difference. I brush my teeth, get dressed and use some hand cream, then step outside in the cold London weather to walk to the tube station. I spend the time to commute to read books, as it takes at least half an hour to reach any place in London.





When I arrive at the office, I sit in front of my computer again and don’t lift my gaze for at least another 8 hours. I try to drink as much water as possible and to eat something healthy for lunch. If it’s a very good week, I might have leftovers from the night before. Once a week, I usually go running with my colleagues during lunchtime, though lately, they have all been sick due to the new season. Thankfully, I’ve started to go to the gym with L once or twice a week and that saves me from being a total couch potato.


My everyday shoes 🙂
And my everyday coat from Penny Black


After work, I go back home where I enjoy a warm shower, prepare some dinner and eat on the couch watching a TV show or a documentary with L. Our favourite series is Big Bang Theory, but at the moment we have watched all available episodes. We try to follow Italian X Factor and we also enjoy Ted videos, Report (another Italian program) or movies during the weekend. After that, I either work on the computer, wash my hair, iron, order the grocery online at Sainsbury’s and do the washing up. I then brush my teeth again, apply my night cream, a lip balm, the hand cream and then either read a book or fall asleep. I need to sleep at least 8 hours to be productive the next day and I’m desperately trying to apply the hand cream twice a day because during the past 2 years I suffered from a couple of dermatitis episodes in autumn and winter when basically my hands turned red. Fingers crossed it won’t happen again this year.



This is how a day in my ordinary life looks like, with all my little rituals and habits. I know that if I don’t build a habit around a gesture and link that to a specific time in the day, I end up not doing it at all. If I don’t practice meditation in the morning but I promise myself to do it later in the day, I won’t find the time or the right attitude to do that before going to bed. Habit is the key – though I’m about to read a couple of books about it that may or may not prove me wrong. Let’s see!

Let me know if you share some of my habits and what your routine is like!


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