Hi there,

I hope you all had a nice week. Autumn has officially started, October was the perfect month to wear leather jackets and colourful scarves. Our life in London went on as usual. The main difference is that while in September we hosted several friends on our couch, this month we have travelled as guests ourselves.




The first weekend of the month we celebrated my birthday with lots of pampering and some shopping. On Saturday we walked to Dulwich Village, a little suburb in London that is characterised by BIG houses with a German twist. Forget the usual brick walls you see in the city, houses are mostly white with wooden details and perfectly groomed gardens – a luxury in this part of the world. It reminded me of the little villages I saw in Belgium last summer. We stopped to have breakfast at Gail’s, one of the best bakeries in London, where I had this amazing doughnut with cream and blueberries together with a very nice, frothy cappuccino. After breakfast, we strolled through the parks around Dulwich, where we took the pictures you can see in this post. I also managed to break the glass of my iPhone while I was jumping to catch some leaves with my hand, like if I was a little girl.





On Sunday we spent three hours at The Athenaeum Spa, where we had a full body massage and enjoyed the Spa facilities, naming jacuzzi, steaming room and sauna. The personnel was lovely, they patiently explained us the various treatments we could choose from and didn’t complaint at all when I changed my mind about having a facial four times in five minutes. The place is very clean and modern, the atmosphere is relaxing and there is a cute cafe’ for those who wish to stay there for lunch. If you find an offer on Groupon, I definitely recommend that as a gift for a special occasion.




This month I also resumed my new habit of going for a run with my coworkers after a month of extremely busy weeks. I used to hate running from the bottom of my heart, but since I joined our running club in June I have to admit I almost look forward to the weekly run now. I assume I’ve learnt how to breath correctly while running, plus having friends that push me to give the most always helps a great deal. Last Thursday I went running on my own for the first time and never walked for the whole 5K, which is an unbelievable achievement for me.





Talking about sports, this month I’ve had a personal trainer that followed me for some quite good sessions: that was L, who kindly invited me to his gym as a friend and made me work on my inexistent triceps and biceps. He is a great teacher: after three years of trials and errors, he now knows how to push me to do some workout while making me laugh.




The last highlight of this month are the trips to Italy as we went to Venice at the beginning of the month for a weeding, and as I’m writing we are heading to Milan for my brother’s Confirmation&First Communion (for some reason they celebrate that on the same weekend now). I can’t wait to see my family again and spend some time with my sisters! Last time I saw them was in summer and even though I’ve spent longer periods of time away from home, I’m excited to see them again in some hours. I’m not sure I will be able to catch up with all my friends as we have a busy schedule, let’s see what we can do. Pour L will have to stand all my relatives for several hours tomorrow – there’s more than 50 of us, I won’t blame him if he will start complaining this time!




To sum up, we had some nice weekends, a busy work schedule (we both have more responsibilities at work, which mainly translates into longer working hours) and some exciting news … that I will share in my next post!

I wish you all a great weekend!


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