Hi Everybody!

I hope you had a wonderful week. This post is going to be about London, my new city.

In September we were lucky enough to have friends staying at our place three weekends in a row. It is heartwarming to return home from work to find friends waiting for you at home, then spend the weekend strolling around the city, chatting and taking funny pictures with them. Suddenly, London feels cosy again!

Having guests involved some planning as of where to go to, which landmarks to visit and where to eat. Since we found out that all our friends wanted to visit the same places (even those who had already been in London in the past), I’ve decided to share our visitors routine with you. If you’re in London for the weekend, this is how I’d plan your treasured time.

Friday: arrival

It takes a while to get from the airports to the city. Make sure you know which bus or train you need to catch beforehand, but most of all remember to check if the tube is closed when you arrive. In that case, I’d suggest to download an app like Uber. It is a good idea to download an offline map of the city as well and buy or borrow a Lonely Plant – my favourite.

Once you arrive at the place you are staying, take some time to rest and check the local pubs for a refreshing beer to let your soul relax and soak into the sought-after holiday mood. Most pubs offer great traditional dishes as well, so you can enjoy a good meal while resting your feet. There will be lots of walking involved soon!






I’d recommend to start the day by visiting Portobello Road market. Catch the tube to Notting hill station and enjoy the walk along colorful detached houses and peculiar shops: the market is round the corner. You will find antiques, clothing and good food – could you ask for more? My favorite shop is called Punky Fish, there you will find colorful garments selected directly by the owner. You won’t find anything like that anywhere else in the city! The market is extremely busy so don’t bring anything valuable and keep an eye on your belongings.




In the afternoon I’d suggest to take the tube again and stop at Bond Street station. From there, you can walk to Oxford Street, continue towards Carnaby Street, pass through Piccadilly Circus then turn to your left and end the tour in Trafalgar Square. I love that route because of all the shops, art galleries and pubs you can find along the way. If you don’t have time to go to Harrods, you can always stop at Selfridges, in Oxford Street – the children department is quite entertaining and the store is more conveniently located.






You can dine at Five guys, a delicious fast food that has just opened in the city, then continue your walk to Elisabeth Tower, where the bell known as Big Ben rests. Please note that the tower is covered in scaffoldings.


In the morning, there are lots of markets around the city that you can visit – we normally go to the one in Brixton, that is the district where David Bowie was born. Another option would be to say hi to the queen and see the squirrels in St James park, depending on the weather conditions.

If you can, book a visit to the Sky Garden late in the afternoon. That’s a public garden on top of the building known as Walkie Talkie. Tickets are for free but you need to reserve a slot in advance. Tickets can be found on the website 3 weeks beforehand and are released each Monday morning: make sure you get some as that’s definitely worth it.





After that, I’d recommend to have dinner at Folly, a restaurant in Monument square. Food is delicious and the place is super modern with plants and cool armchairs. After dinner, you can walk to London Bridge station and enjoy the view of Tower Bridge by night.

I’d suggest to leave the city on Monday morning to get the most out of your weekend. Make sure you give yourself enough time to catch the tube, train or bus to go to the airport. If you are planning to travel by bus, remember that traffic can cause delays especially during peak hours.

Take plenty of pictures and don’t forget to smile – you are in London, after all!!





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