Hi there,

Sunday is my birthday! I’m finally turning… old. Let’s just say that, at the end of the day age is just a number, isn’t it? My program for that day is just to  c h i l l  o u t, relax and enjoy a well-deserved massage. I found a good deal on Groupon, let’s hope it’s worth it!
I am not up to anything fancy, I just love to enjoy a quiet day in the comfort of my house. That reminds me of a book, ‘Tuesdays with Morrie’, where a sociology professor affected with ALS tells the author that all he wants to do during the last days of his life is just to enjoy the simple, quiet daily routine surrounded by those that are close to him. There’s so much love and tenderness in those pages, I’d really recommend that book if you haven’t read it.
Anyway, I though it would have been nice to share a list of the things I think I’ve learnt during the past year. Maybe – just maybe – I’ve learnt something that could be useful to you as well.




The first thing I’ve learnt is to be brave. Not brave like a superhero, just a bit more courageous than the usual. To be utterly honest with you, I’ve learnt not to care, which is what makes me stronger today. I started many blogs in the past and closed them after less than a month because I was afraid of I’m not sure what. Now I just don’t care what people might think, I post the content I like and pat myself on the back when I somehow manage to prepare one post a week.
When I was in Australia, I heard a priest asking: what would you do, if you were not afraid? That’s a question I will never forget. Sometimes I turn that into: what would I do, if I was a billionaire and didn’t give a damn of the whole world? That is also quite helpful. I’ve noticed that if I pretend to be rich, I just do what I really want without thinking how to impress people I don’t even know.




The second thing I’ve learnt is how to have fun when your boyfriend is constantly taking pictures of you. It’s true, I’m lucky enough to have my personal photographer. During the first few years I have to admit I hated it. Standing in front of a camera made me feel nervous and uncomfortable. I couldn’t smile properly, I felt tired after a few shots and complaint way too much.
Now I’ve learnt it’s just a game and the sillier the pose, the better the shot. I do love having my own photographer now, especially as he’s a good one and knows how to make me laugh – and how to add a touch of Lightroom when needed. So remember, if somebody takes pictures of you, act silly, ‘strike a pose’ as my friends would say, and laugh at yourself. The outcome will be stunning!




The last thing I’ve learnt is that white hair is a real thing. I’ve got two, my very first ones. I’m quite alright about that, L was more shocked that I was, I’d say, which was fun. There are only two of them, but it’s a start. I have to say I’m happy to see them because that reminds me of all the adventures I’ve been through during these years on Earth. I lived in different countries, I am still living outside Italy, I am healthy, I have friends all around the world and have a family who loves me. I am a lucky one.
Of course, there have been rough times, but I don’t want to concentrate on that. I just want to be grateful for the beautiful, funny, special little moments I enjoy every day.

If you’ve never done that before, I recommend to follow this easy task before going to sleep: ask yourself what are the 3 things you are grateful for. It can be anything: a goal at work you have finally achieved, a good dinner prepared with your own hands or a nice chat with a friend. It will make your brain concentrate on the good side of life more often that not and will cause involuntary smiles each night.




That’s what I’ve learnt during the past year. Not too much, I have to say, but I’ve made my best and I’m truly happy about my life as it is now.
I hope next year will be as joyful and rich as this year. I’ll wait till Christmas to write down a full list of my New Year Resolutions, though. In the meantime, Happy Birthday to me!



PS: All these pics were taken one year ago in the awesome Desenzano, Italy. L and I were on our way to my family’s place and stopped there for an ice cream by the lake.

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