I hate being sick, I hate feeling needles in my head and that horrible sensation of not being able to breathe as if there wasn’t enough air in the whole universe. I hate that my hair looks horrible even when I have literally just washed it and my nose resembles Rudolph’s one. And yes, if you were wondering, I caught a cold.

At the moment I’m sitting on my couch – just because I got tired of sitting on my bed – and I’m waiting for L to come back home. I’m finally feeling a tiny little bit better, so I though I could write a post for my beloved readers before the headache comes back again.
I went to the office this morning and worked half day, then my boss literally told me it was time for me to go home and rest. I am so glad he did it, as I’m a real workaholic and wouldn’t have done it in a million years. I am constantly worrying about my job, I love to get things done and hate when I can’t finish something. That’s why I sometimes need to remind myself to step out, take a  d e e p  breath and put myself – and my heath – first. I guess Freud would say that sense or responsibility comes from a childhood spent taking care of my amazing sisters, but that’s quite a  l o n g  story that I’d better tell in another post…




Anyway, let’s concentrate on the fact that now I’m feeling a bit better, though the headache is killing me. I’ve drunk almost 2 litres of hot water, the equivalent of 2 almost full kettles, hoping to win my battle against the sore throat. I am keeping my fingers crossed I’ll keep breathing through my nose during the night. A dear friend of mine, another L again, brought us some Tea Tree Oil from Australia. It has an incredible smell of herbs, my plan is to apply some drops on the pillow to help my breathing and soothe my nostrils.




I didn’t have much energy when I arrived home after lunch, so at first I started to watch some Youtube videos but my headache got worse, such a shame! I then decided to take a nap, prepare some veggies for dinner (I follow a super easy recipe: chop the vegetable in the fridge into cubes, pour some olive oil and add some spices, then let them roast in the oven for 40 minutes at 180C) and check my emails. I then started to feel bored, but couldn’t take another nap or I wouldn’t sleep tonight.

That is what made me think I could do a mini photoshoot of myself in my cosy pyjama getting bored. And that’s exactly what I did: I took L’s camera, spent 5 minutes to go through the menu until I found the countdown option and started to experiment. I had some issues with the focus. I assume the problem was that the ceiling and the bed linen are all greyish, which made the job of pour Canon more difficult. I tried to use a bag of a different colour just to help the camera focus, then I spent another 15 minutes trying to figure out how to manually focus instead and finally got what I wanted: 6 terrible pictures to show you in this nonsense post.




Now I’ll do myself a favour and adjust the light on Lightroom, to complete my photography experience, hoping that would not result in a worse headache – I might ask L to do the editing for me. I have to say it was quite fun, I had a chance to explore my body and my facial expressions through the lenses of a beautiful camera, which means that if I look awful it’s only my fault. Please ignore my skin without any sort of makeup and the messy hair, that wasn’t meant to be a professional, serious photoshoot.


For those who were wondering, top from Oysho and bottom from St.Diego. Madness all on me!

I hope you had a giggle reading my misadventures and didn’t catch my cold through the internet! Now I’d probably tidy up the house and choose a face mask, because as you know pampering is the best way to recover from sickness.

Hugs from my couch!

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