Hi there,

How have you been? There’s a new, exciting update I want to share with you: in a month or so L will be working at a wedding as a photographer. He will team up with a friend of ours who is passionate about photography as well. They have worked together previously, he’s a very nice guy so I’m sure they will enjoy their time while working hard to get the best shots. They are both thrilled but also a bit nervous, as after all they are responsible for capturing the most special moments in somebody else’s lifetime. Their photos will be guarded for many years by a whole family, they will share them with their grandchildren in 50 years time and those smiles will be part of a collective memory – that’s a  h u g e  task for a photographer!




They have been talking about that event for a while, planning what cameras to use, what they need to purchase online, the style of wedding photography they want to adopt and the moments they can’t miss. Of course, one of the most important things to do was to go and take a good look at the location to understand how the light behaves in that environment and where are the best spots for bride-and-groom shots. Actually, in this case it will be groom-and-groom.




That is why some days ago we went to Mayfair Library, which is where the ceremony will take place. L and L (such a nice combination of initials) arrived there at about 2pm as they knew there were other weddings scheduled on that day. They studied what the other photographers did and had a look at the inside of the builduing, which is actually not that spacious. I reached them a bit later, after one hour of pampering at home. When I arrived there it was almost 4pm, the sun was still shining and the last wedding of the day was about to end.




In order not to look weird while hanging around not too far from the wedding guests, our friend decided to take some photos of L and I in the park nearby. We explored all the options available and had quite some fun, trying to come up with innovative poses and laughing like kids. We never had the pleasure of having a photographer for the two of us, usually is either L taking picture of me or me trying to take photos of him. By the end of the day we had our little photoshoot, plus L and L now know what shots they would like to take at the wedding.




After an hour or so we had a coffee and a well-deserved salad at a nice place nearby, which is close to Oxford Street but still very quiet. It was a relaxing afternoon, it felt like we were on holiday in some sunny place somewhere else in Europe.




Now the guys are one step closer to be fully prepared for the wedding and I have some very nice photos to print for our album.


Looking forward to sharing more updates!


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