Hey guys,

Now that I’m a bit more confident with this blog, I’ve decided to write something a little bit more personal. At the beginning, even though I didn’t know my readers (except for L and my sisters), I still felt insecure and on the spot publishing articles online.

Now though I’m getting used to it and I enjoy each post more and more.

So today I wanted to give you an update of what happened during the month of August in my life. The month started extremely well as a friend of mine came to visit with her brother. I met her in Australia, she’s one of the friends I’ve always been in touch with ever since. We share a passion for makeup and Clio’s blog (Clio being a successful Italian makeup artist), as well as a passion for foreign languages, teaching and travelling. We had an amazing time with them, they are funny and made us laugh for 5 days in a row, it was incredibly refreshing.


Screen Shot 2017-09-09 at 2.22.59 pm
Instagram: @ester_piubeni
We saw an Asian blogger taking a pic against this wall and tried to emulate her.


Last month I also convinced L to check out the end of summer sales in the city. We spent an afternoon in Oxford Street scanning what was left in the sales departments of House of Fraiser and the fancy shops in the surroundings. I was quite grateful that not only he joined me, but he also gave me great tips and I ended up buying something I really needed (2 pairs of trousers). He helped me choosing colourful items to enlighten my way too dark wardrobe – l have to admit I own way too many black trousers and tops. After a couple of hours of shopping, we indulged in a cappuccino and dreamed about future journeys in South America or South Africa.




Talking about travelling, we spent one Sunday exploring London. It was a shiny day and we decided to go and visit Kenwood House, a huge villa in the northern side of the city. I had read about it in the guidebook that L’s aunt bought us some months ago – another Lonely Plant, of course! The authors described it as a fairytale place where the furniture really stands out.

We took the Northern Line up to Hampstead Heath, then walked through the park and all the way up to the villa. The southern part of the park is called Parliament Hill and offers a great view of the city as well.

The villa is incredible. First of all, entrance is free, which doesn’t hurt. The space is beautifully well maintained and staff is very nice. A volunteer gave us a little book about the library and we discovered that the big mirrors in the room actually came from France because at the time no-one was able to manufacture such big ones in England. There are paintings from Italian artists as well and lots of books about history and law – the owner of the house was a judge.




In the house, there was an area with games for kids, where we took some funny pictures with old-style cloths!




Unfortunately we were not able to find a pub where to watch moto GP in Hampstead Heath, as it is quite a posh place. Luckily though a good friend of ours sent us constant updates via WhatsApp.

The last highlight of the month was an event where we participated as photographers. Well, L was the one who actually worked as the photographer, I just enjoyed my day with him. We were invited by a friend of ours to an exhibition of local artists in Walworth Central, that took place in a pub that reminded us of the song Hotel California. The decadent style made me feel as I was in the Great Gatsby’s mansion, lost in another time and space, somewhere that doesn’t really exist.




It was extremely relaxing, plus we managed to take some pictures at a lake nearby – when your boyfriend has a passion for photography, you end up being their number one model in a huge number of occasions. I have to admit that if once I hated it, I am now starting to enjoy having my personal photographer who follows me wherever I go!




And that’s how last month ended. We were lucky as the weather was exceptionally good and managed to spend lots of time outdoor. For the next three months we will be quite busy hosting guests and travelling as guests ourselves, I can’t wait to show you all the photos we will take!



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