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In April this year I decided to die my hair blonde, as you can see in my photos. I used to die my hair black years ago but stopped as it damaged it a lot. However, I wanted to try something different so I ended up going for a balayage. I find it less damaging and more vibrant because of the mixture of colours. I can also say that being almost blonde makes me feel stronger, which is something I would have never anticipated. I think it must be related to the idea of a blonde woman I have in my mind on a subconscious level, which of course derives from stupid stereotypes, and the fact that I see myself in the mirror at least twice a day. It must be age-related as well, as I understand that the older you get the less you care about what anyone think about you. Whatever the reason, I am quite happy with this new stronger version of myself.
The downside is that I need to hydrate my hair much more. In the past few months I’ve been trying some products and I thought it could be a good idea to share my impressions with you.

The first product I bought was The Body Shop Rainforest Moisture Hair Butter 200ml. I remember reading somewhere they had good hair masks with avocado. I was able to find this one, which doesn’t have avocado in the ingredient list, but I bought it anyway. I have to say that it is fairly good, not exceptional but still good. It has a very nice aroma, however I needed to use quite a lot of product to see any real sign of hydration in my hair, which resulted in me finishing it in a couple of months only. I also needed to keep it on my hair for longer than 5 minutes. Since my hairdresser suggested me to use a mask often, I decided not to buy it again. I think it is a good product for normal hair, though it is not that strong for died hair.



The second product I tried was PHYTO Phytoelixir Cleansing Care Cream for Ultra-Dry Hair, 75 ml. I used their shampoo and conditioner before and was happy with that. I’ve always regarded Phyto as an outstanding brand, one that selects very natural ingredients, that is perfect for sensitive skin and therefore is quite expensive. For this reason, I asked my mom to buy me something from that brand for Christmas. She got me this product and I was quite excited about it. Sadly, I have to admit I was a bit disappointed by the final result. As for the butter from The Body Shop, I needed to use quite a lot of cream and leave it on my hair for 10 minutes to see any difference. I started to doubt it was related to London’s water, which is among the worst in the whole world and is famous for damaging skin and hair. That’s one of the downsides of living in a big city.


I then decided to purchase 2 products from brands I didn’t know and I have to say they really surprised me, so don’t stop reading this blog post now!

I bought Maui Moisture Revive & Hydrate Shea Butter HAIR MASK x 340g DRY DAMAGED HAIR mostly because of that name, Maui, which reminded me of my holiday in Hawaii – though we went on other 2 islands. Price was reasonable and the ingredient list looked good. To be honest, I’m not a chemist so I don’t really know all the names listed on the label, just a bunch of them, so don’t take me too seriously in this regard. I decided to give it a try and was very happy with the result. My hair looked hydrated and finally alive. The jar contains quite a lot of product as well, which makes it a real bargain!


Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 21.37.58


I’ve recently combined it with Herbal Essences Argan Oil of Morocco Conditioner, 400 ml – I’m delighted with this conditioner. It is much better than the L’Oreal one I was using before, it detangles my hair beautifully and leaves them hydrated as well. Not to mention that is a biological product and that Herbal Essence is at the forefront regarding renewable energy. Couldn’t recommend it more!


Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 21.38.19


Finally, a product I like to use when drying my hair is this conditioning mousse I found in my sister A’s bathroom. She bought it some time ago when she had her hair permed but didn’t use it much. It comes out as white mousse, it looks very similar to whipped creamthough doesn’t taste it like it at all! I just put that on the second half of my hair and then dry it as usual. It leaves my hair softer and lightens up the colour as well. I would totally recommend it.


In the future, I’m also thinking of buying some of the hair masks that you can find at Sephora, Boots or Superdrug which come in small packets and should be even more hydrating. They are more pricey but it is a good way to find out whether it’s worth buying the bigger version.


Stay tuned for updates in the beauty department then!



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