Here in London an incredibly high number of people catches the tube every day to go to work, making it the best spot for advertisement. If you a regular Londoner, you know what I mean and you are also familiar with some of those ads. Most of them are related to train companies that offer discounts for holidays, drugs for pregnancy, apps related to clothes or transportation, beauty, food and the musicals of the moment.

Among the several apps that are being advertised, there is one that caught my attention. I’m talking about Snapfish, which apparently promises to offer 50 free prints a month to each customer and charges only the delivery. You choose the photos you like the most from your phone, you can edit them a little bit to make them look brighter and a week later they arrive at your doormat.

I was a bit surprised by this service and wondered how they were making enough money to buy a space in the tube. However, that was just the beginning. A week later my partner found another app that offers 45 free pics a month and a free 20-page photo album. That was too much of a good deal, so we decided to give it a try.


This is me with my sister’s eyeglasses


The app I’m talking about is called FreePrints photobooks – a pretty self explanatory name. We started by ordering some 4×6 prints, thinking we would get a very cheap product. I have to say that we were pleasantly surprised when we finally received the envelop. Prints are actually good – not as good as the ones I ordered at my photographer’s, but still quite good. The colours were there, the finish was as bright as we wanted it to be, paper was good and even the pics we had taken directly with our phone were fine.

In fact, they were so good we decided to order a photo album. We used almost the same photos and again, some were taken with the phone and some with a professional camera (and then uploaded on the phone, as we are talking about an app). However, the photo book was not as nice as we expected it to be. Quality was cheap and images were dark and blurry.


Cambio di look just means new look


We thought it was our fault and therefore ordered another album with the same pictures but we edited them a little bit more using Lightroom before ordering. The result was still somewhat disappointing. Images were lighter but still blurry. I cannot complaint too much as we only paid for the delivery, but I would not pay for a bigger one or add more pages – as only 20 come for free. I would not recommend it, I would rather suggest to order the prints instead.


The brighter version of the same page


Eventually, I ended up ordering other printed pictures not just for me but for friends and family as well. Quality is good and prices are so low that if I need to print 50 pics, I am happy to get 45 for free and pay for the other 5. Delivery is a bit pricey considering that we usually wait one week before receiving that green envelope but overall it is a fair deal. We love taking pictures, there are 2 of us so we can order 90 free pics a month if needed and they make a really good present.

Next step I think will be to try those apps that let you take a picture and use it as a postcard. Basically you choose the image you want, add frame and text, press a button and then the company prints it and delivers it for you. I’ll keep you posted if we will ever try this service!


What about you? Do you usually print the photos you take?



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