During the past few weeks I collected some exiting new information about what is happening out there right now and will hopefully make our future brighter. I thought it could be a good idea to share it with you. I’ll try to add all the links if possible, as I am just a curious person and don’t have any specific info about the details.


ONE: Elon Musk is always on the edge:

– He has set up a company called Boring: according to him our future is underground. Daydreaming about car-drones? That’s not the correct answer, apologies. Flying cars would generate too much wind power, traffic would be too difficult to regulate and it just would be too noisy. So why not building tunnels underground that could transport cars at very high speed where needed? That’s what Elon does in his spare time…


– Sending people to Mars. If holidaying on the moon wasn’t WOW enough, why not going to Mars as well? Elon says there will be a city over there with 1 million inhabitants in 10 years time. My concern is: who is going to live on Mars? How will taxation work? Is Elon going to be the head of state? If so, I might consider the idea…


– Producing tiles that are made of little solar panels, so that we don’t have to abandon our traditional style but we can produce clean energy for our (wishful thinking) Teslas.

  • SRS_Solar_tiles_integrated


TWO: New startups are using virtual reality in architecture to let clients see their future houses before they are completed. I had a chance to try 3D technology at Harrods, where I awkwardly climbed a huge mountain in a Thailandish town and fell unglamorously. It was so real I sweated (and the handsome assistant noticed it, so gross). It was an incredible experience nonetheless, therefore I’m quite positive about businesses using it to make such big purchases as houses a little playful. I think it would also be a marketing strategy as you won’t forget such an experience.


 THREE: Sephora has built a virtual tool using AR (aka Augmented Reality). This means customers can try new makeup products from different brands and order them straightaway. I wonder whether this system could be applied on clothes, shoes (would you need to stand on your toes for heels?) and accessories. You could get an idea of how a dress looks on you before it’s too late.




FOUR: Tiles that create energy using people’s steps. Those are even more exiting that solar roof tiles. We could all dance all night for the planet, there would be truly green discos and shopping malls, plus we would all be a little bit fitter!


FIVE: There is a new product called Beeline that only shows arrows to guide you when cycling. Whatever the weather or visibility, you can make it home.




And here is number SIX: have you ever heard of companies that send you a box each month full of fancy new products to try? It’s nothing new, they usually send either makeup or skincare products and there are monthly or yearly subscriptions. Well, I don’t know how new this one is, but I found out there is a company called Pink Parcel that sells women products that are useful for their period. Before signing up, they have to say when their period is due and what is their favourite tampon and pads brand. They will also receive makeup and treats such as chocolate or tea bags.

Isn’t that a real cuddle?




This was my monthly list, I hope you enjoyed it. I am not sure what the future holds, but I can see a lot of AR and 3D products on their way!

What are YOU exited about?


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