Today I’m going to write a lighter, more feminine post while I try to survive in the heat of the summer. I suffer from low blood pressure and this hot weather is killing me. Therefore, I am not using makeup anymore – if not extremely necessary – to avoid an unwanted melting face. I’m not a huge makeup lover anyway, but I do love creams and I thought I could write a post about it.

Wearing cream is a little cuddle that I discovered years ago and that shows its results in time. I tend to be quite parsimonious so I use the same product for at least half a year. This way I can see whether it is improving how my skin looks or not and decide if it’s worth buying another lotion.

Now I’m using most Caudalie products as my mom gave them to me as a Christmas present last December. I waited until April to start using them as I wanted to finish the creams I was applying before opening the new ones. I usually start by cleaning my face with the Mousse Nettoyante Fleur de Vigne which is a foam and cleanse the skin quite well.




After that I apply the moisturising cream Vinosource which is very light and refreshing. I started to use it in spring and it was too light and I wasn’t too happy with it, but now that it’s summer I am enjoying its sorbet finish and its lightness. I would definitely recommend it for this summer.

For the eyes I’m using It’s potent! by Benefit. It’s a bit pricey but it lasts quite long, I opened it in February and I have used less than half of it. It doesn’t reduce the dark circles – at least not mines – but it keeps that area smooth and shiny. However, I was using Clarins before and liked it better.

I always keep my lips moisturised as I like to use tints that dry them. I either use the Caudalie balm or the Yves Rocher balm my sister gave me. They are both really good and last about 2 hours. The Yves Rocher one has a macadamia flavour that reminds me of Australia, the Caudalie one has a light lemon scent perfect for summer.

Once a week I use one mask. My favourite is the Instant Detox as I can tell it does improve my skin balance, while the other two are less strong.




Before using the masks, I cleanse my skin deeper with Sephora Total Purify and Cleanse Gel which has green tea extracts and is stronger than the Caudalie one. I apply it using a konjac sponge I found at Sephora as well, it’s a real treat!




And finally, my two most expensive and luxurious products: my night cream and my perfume. They are both presents and they are equally wonderful. The JUST In fiore night cream is super moisturising, I would definitely recommend it to girls with an oily skin (like me) that can’t use something too hydrating during the day.




The perfume I use is the one and only J’adore by Dior. Again, it was a present. I love the scent but since it’s quite expensive, I do my best not to abuse it.


So this is my skincare!

Let me know if you use the same products or have any suggestion for me as well!






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