Last weekend my boyfriend decided we needed to go on holiday. He usually isn’t a very straightforward kind of guy, therefore I truly appreciated how he chose the location, booked a hotel and got train tickets without consulting me. It was a real surprise and I am grateful for that.

We left our house quite early on a Saturday morning, took the tube to Waterloo station and then sat on a Southwestern train. Three hours and a half later we were in Weymouth station, breathing the quiet and relaxed atmosphere of the countryside.

Our hotel was not too far from the city centre and the lady who runs it was extremely kind. Our room wasn’t ready when we arrived (as it was before midday) but we were able to leave our luggage there, use the bathroom and start our exploration. She even gave us a map of the area, which was of great use.

The first thing we did was to rent a bike. It was a sunny day and we both thought it would be a great idea since the sightseeings were not that far, plus there is a cycleway that links them all. We went to a bike shop down the road to enquire about renting prices. There a smart and very king guy told us about a service they have in town, where to rent a bike you just need to make a phone call and a man with a van delivers your bikes wherever you are – and picks them up when you are done.




We called this service and 20 minutes later we were on the road, our legs working hard to get to the first sightseeing: Sandsfoot Castle. To be fair, the cycleway was pretty flat and no big effort was required, though I was a bit out of shape.

The Castle was gorgeous and I absolutely loved the way the park and garden are kept. It is a little jewel on the seaside, people were gathering at the cute café nearby or chilling out next to the blooming flowers. It was a sunny day and the atmosphere was calm and relaxed – just what we were after.




We then decided to head towards Portland, where we stop at Portland Chesil Beach. It is a shingle beach that stretches for 29 km (yes, 29!) and it’s also quite high (15 metres, according to Wikipedia), it is unique, we had never seen anything like that before. It protects the towns from the wind but it also caused some shipwrecks.




We then crossed the bridge and cycled to Portland. The town is incredibly high, at some point we had to walk our bikes up the hill. It was also quite windy as well, we were about to call it a day when a couple walked by and told us we had to make it to the lighthouse as it wasn’t that far but it was truly worth it. I am so glad they pushed us to keep going. We had a chance to see those cute little houses, kept in wonderful condition, we enjoyed the view from above and then cycled downhill to the lighthouse.




We went back home and dined at a local pub called The Red Lion – that night we were exhausted and slept beautifully.




The next day we strolled along Weymouth beach, took some photos at the colourful Marina, watched moto GP and cheered with the locals when Ducati won the race.




At 7pm we were back in London, ready to unpack, have dinner and go to bed. It was a very nice weekend, we explored the countryside, relaxed, forgot about work and enjoyed the sun. I would truly recommend such a holiday to anyone who’s looking for some time off but doesn’t have too many days to travel.


All pics (including thin one) were shot by L. Follow him on Instagram: slicesoftime


Let me know if you enjoyed this post!

Can’t wait to write about our next adventure,



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