Now it’s almost been three weeks since I arrived in London and I’m starting to getting used to it. At first, I wasn’t too impressed about the city, but that was before I saw Carnaby Street and some traditional pubs that won my heart and I’m every day a little bit happier to be here.


(I love those eyeglasses from Primark and this beautiful Pinto scarf my mom bought me one year ago. And no, I’m not engaged.)


In particular, I love the fact that when it’s sunny – and I have to say there have been amazing sunny days recently – people go to parks to read, chat, sunbath, it’s just incredible. I mean, it’s normal, it’s just that it’s something I usually do and it’s flattering to discover that there’s a whole country doing it as well. I am fascinated by grass and trees. In fact, when I draw there’s always a tree involved. They are so majestic, so strong and stable. Somehow they’ve figured out how to live a long life and always look incredibly gorgeous. Each tree has a story to tell, a leg to let if I need support while I’m reading or an arm to gift to a kid who wants to play. I just love trees and their creative, restoring shadows during summer days like these.


That’s Clapham Common park


Anyway, what I really wanted to tell you is that I’m adapting to my new house so well that the idea of moving out one day sounds outrageous. I particularly enjoy some small things and I thought it would be good to write a list of them, just for you know, sad days or unappreciative moments.

1: The first thing worth mentioning is the Primark cover sheet I bought with L at Tooting. It’s grey, it’s fluffy and has silvery, sparking details all over it. It’s quite big so it keeps both of us warm and it makes our sofa look much better. Its softness is a real cuddle! I know that it’s not the best quality shop ever and I usually tend to avoid high street shops as they don’t have strong ethics, but this one purchase was worth it.




2: The stairs. I have a hate and love relationship with our staircase as it’s quite long, it’s not the thing you want to see when you are tired and full of grocery bags but it’s clean, the moquette is brand new – we were extremely lucky as they changed it just before we moved in – and it’s very English. Our house reflects us, it’s bright and colourful, it’s modern, it’s rather “italianized”. However, the stairs keep that touch of English gentleness that makes it unique. Plus, my legs will look in great shape this summer.




3: Pink kitchen utensils. I have always hated pink, I thought it was too girlish or feminine. I used to prefer red or black, stronger colours, until I decided to accept the fact of me being a woman and give it a try. I bought a pink set of cookware at Lidl as I’m not a great chef, I didn’t want anything expensive that I could easily break. The result is that now I see cooking more like a game than a serious matter and I’m starting to like it. I have to say that having plenty of time to do that doesn’t hurt, I’m not sure I’ll keep cooking every single meal when I’ll find a job. For the time being, though, I do like it a lot.




4: Our “dog cleaner”. The story of its name goes like this: my sister’s boyfriend has a smart lawnmower that lawns the mow by itself and he calls it Oscar, like if it was a pet. At his birthday people were saying: “look, there’s Oscar!” and I didn’t know the story, so I thought they were talking about a dog. He does have a dog, though. Eventually, my friends ended up mocking me for thinking that Oscar was a real pet and I told L. L knows I really would love to have a dog, so when he bought a smart vacuum cleaner as I had strongly suggested he started to call it ‘Oscar the dog cleaner’. I don’t know if the story made any sense to you, anyway it was another great purchase as it doesn’t clean everything super well but it does give the house a sense of tidiness with no effort on my side.




5: Our new ice cream bowls. Seriously, how cool are they? I bet they would made anyone feel happy, they are creative and stylish at the same time. We got them at Tkmaxx and every time we have guests we serve fruit or ice cream just to show them off!




Those are the objects that are shaping our daily routine here in the city and I think that the other reason they are special is that either I purchased them together with L or they were a gift from him. They are filled with love and care, and I do hope that if one day we will move out, we will be able to carry them with us to remember those sweet moments we are living today!

And what about you, what makes your house special?




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