So here I am, officially in London. I have a new flat, a wardrobe full of all the t-shirts I was able to fit in my luggage and an empty fridge. My boyfriend was smart enough to make me find some flowers on the kitchen table therefore I can say that’s it, I’m a Londoner.

My first impression of the city is that it’s full of people, it’s epidemic: they are everywhere. It gives me hope, because I figure they all have jobs and if there are opportunities for everybody then there must be something for me as well. It is also quite comforting compared to the lonely Australian towns I was used to. I just need to find my own dimension here, my space, my rhythm and then I’ll feel part of the crowd, proud to be where I am.

I’m not in a hurry, I’m honestly giving myself the time I need to adapt to all these changes. It’s the fourth time I move to a different country and I now know that it takes me on average six months to fully integrate with the new environment. I have to explore the territory, learn the rules, fall into habits and most importantly make friends.




Luckily enough, I actually do know someone already. A friend from uni is here, another girl from Australia is also here, I had a chance to meet my cousin who was on a meeting today and L (my boyfriend) also has a couple of friends in the city. That’s very cool, as we do know who to contact in case we need help.

Our apartment is pretty cute, it’s very English but has laminate in most rooms and definitely more space than we expected to find in such a big city. We are truly lucky to stay in a place like this. We have done some shopping at Ikea and Primark, got some homeware such as glasses, cups, a lemon candle and cutlery. We found some great deals at Tkmaxx, where I got the cutest laundry bag that says: Explore – aka get dirty and then Ester will wash the clothes.




The weather has been good all week – except for today, of course – and I even got a chance to draw a stupid thing at the park. I am back into pencils and using my hand to create stuff. Now that I think of it, it’s quite a constant routine in my life: every time there’s a change, I go back to art. Maybe it’s a way to express myself when I can’t find the right words to write about it.




I’m getting kind of hungry so I’ll end the post here. Hope you are all doing fine and let me know if you are moving to another country as well!

Lots of love




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